John DeVore

Good for you that you have changed from bad (“sexist jokes”) to better. But you are wrong with some of the assumptions you do:
First, not all men are powerful. There are many women that have more power than most men. There is nothing wrong about it — of course. Just don’t turn all women into powerless victims and all men into rulers of the world.
Second, although your are right, that sexist comments and views are shared among many men and not only among the most powerful, they are not shared by all of them. Treat everybody as an individual. Since you are a man, you may know how it feels, when others just assume that you act or think in a bad way, only because you are a man.

Third, conversation about sex isn’t bad, evil or sexist. There is a fine line (which of course Trump doesn’t make) between talking about sex, the joy it gives you and the desires you have on one side and sexist comments that reduce women to the objects of your desire. We as men haven’t got a tradition of talking about our feelings in a good way. We should however rather learn to talk about them in a good way than abolish showing feelings completely.