3 Business ideas for the idle graduate

Yes Nigeria is tough, there are no jobs, our currency is “poopoo” and everybody is always angry; like literally! (everybody is always angry at something its amazing). But guess what? success doesn’t really care about your problems or Nigeria’s problem, it only depends on your ability to think and act.

In a society where everything is quite difficult, your ability to think of easier and better ways of doing existing tasks will serve as your edge in this economy. below are couple of ideas that can get you started.


So you’re a graduate, right? which means you probably have some sort of academic knowledge. I’m guessing you might be a bit proficient in some O level subjects. Great! become a tutor, you can get clients via platforms like Tuteria or Prepclass etc or if you are in a group or part of an organisation in your church; talk to parents who’ve got kids in high school and offer your services. you could end up with about N100,000 monthly(3 parents, earning 30k monthly/ working twice daily per home) from each with a lot of free time to focus on your own personal growth as well.

Social media manager

Stop complaining about Nigeria on social media, like stop! the time you’re spending complaining or giving “marriage” advice on twitter can be used to make money via these platforms. Think about it, almost every business needs social media platforms to market their business and the funny thing is that you know how to use these platforms. Find a niche you’re interested in, for example: let’s assume your niche is beauty salons, list out 50 of them around your area(google maps might help), offer them a nice package promising to help them grow their social media page for N10,000 monthly. now imagine you can get ten of these shops to patronise you. boom!

Start a blog

In this modern times, owning a blog is just common sense. Its a long term investment but trust me its worth it. just look at lindaikeji or bellanaija, they are raking in millions monthly. Find a topic you’re interested in, it could be lifestyle, fashion, programming etc then share your story as often as you can on ways people can improve in the area of expertise you chose. after 6 months you can set up google ads or find companies within your field and offer them advert spaces on your blog. its free to set up a blog on wordpress so just go for it.

I could go on but i think these three are more than enough to help you out till you find that great job you’ve been dreaming of or start that business you always wanted to.

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