The one major reason why Steve Jobs was right

One of my greatest quotes comes from the Greek philosopher Socrates which says:

The only thing that i know is that i know nothing

Steve questioned the status quo, he believed that we could change the world if we decided to “stay foolish”. Meaning, what we think we have is nothing compared to what we can have if we humble ourselves and ask to learn more and see things differently.

25 years ago, apps could have been folktales and fantasies, even the internet was far-fetched. The world only knew telephones, televisions, diskettes and VCR players as groundbreaking technology.

Today the scene is quite different, the phone has become a camera, journal, tv and so on. The internet has become even more accessible to remote areas and every idea has an app for it.

How many times have we questioned the practicality of ambiguous ideas? How many times have we limited what we can achieve not in the present day but 20 years from now?

We must always remember Socrates words and act with this notion. When someone comes to you with something a bit far-fetched, ask yourself:

“5 years from now what will the world look like and how will this idea fit into this new world”

I am so excited about the future, I expect to see new innovations that’ll change the status quo, that will question our reality, practicality and the world around us.

I expect to see innovations that’ll give us a Universal language, the ability to virtually try on items kilometres away, transportation systems that’ll convey you to far destinations in lesser time.

More importantly, I expect to see myself and a couple of you at the forefront of these innovations.

Let us keep on questioning what we think we know and accept that we know nothing. This will liberate us from thinking there’s a boundary to what can be achieved.

The world is ours, Let’s create a future and legacy that the one’s who come after us will thank us for and go on to do even better than we did

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