What I learnt from eating Toblerone

Toblerone, Toblerone! How my heart melts at your sight, that slight crunchy crust with every bite, only those who have experienced an orgasm will understand how I am feeling. But there’s a problem, amongst all three flavors there’s one I despise and it is wrapped in a dark overlay and has a bitter taste at the end of the day.

I usually put the dark flavored chocolate to the side while I enjoyed the other flavors to much delight until a day came when i was left with the dark flavored chocolate and little options in bare sight(enough with the poetry Venn).

I decided to dig in knowing fully well I had little options left. Guess what? With time I began to love even the slight bitter taste that came with this flavor, so much that it’s beginning to feel like my best at the moment. Trying to understand what really changed made me to think about how to put this in real life perspective

Like think about it, the taste hadn’t changed. The chocolate was the same but I wasn’t and as this occurred I realized how we can deceive our brain and ourselves into liking/doing what we thought we hated or what we thought was uncomfortable.

How if you just decide to try something new/ something you despised with an open mind or because your options are limited you can grow into loving/enjoying the experience or item.

Most importantly, The dark flavored Toblerone thought me that to truly appreciate every and anything; look inwards! because a thing in itself is neither good nor bad but totally dependent on your perspective/relationship with it.

I’m going back to munch on my Toblerone. Have an awesome week!