Who am I and who are you?

The biggest question ever asked has always been a collective one; Who are we (humans), what are we doing here and where are we going? The identity crisis is a big issue because its the foundation of every successful story which will lead to the very existence of the earth being saved.

Now the collective question cannot be solved by one but the singular question of “who I am/ who am I” can and will only be solved by you

Think of the earth like a jigsaw puzzle which was scattered from the very beginning not because the creator is wicked but because without a puzzle there will be nothing to solve. Now within this puzzle lies you, a missing piece with your edges unlike any other but complimentary to specific types of pieces/people around you.

The problem with finding your place is that more often than not you surround yourself with people you can’t or aren’t suppose to fit with so you remain lost.

This affects your belief which further affects your confidence and finally removes all sense of self awareness. You have become a lost piece with nowhere to fit in.

Now the first step is to identify what type of piece you are and this is usually done in solitude. Confine yourself to an empty space where you can only listen to who you are and nothing else. Find out what the shape of your piece is and be happy and content with your discovery.

Next, find and build relationships with people that compliment your shape, that fit in with your random edges. Surround yourself with people that value you and are enthusiastic about your growth (Most of the time you build symbiotic relationships with such people).

The last and final step is to trust in your growth process. Have faith in your decision and find the resolve to keep on the path discovered.

I hope you discover what kind of piece you are and your place in this earth.

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