You! yes you! You Aren’t Built for the hustle

Don’t deceive yourself you can’t do this, you can’t be great, your mind isn’t ready and your spirit isn’t willing. It’s to tough, it’ll break you into pieces.

You’re going to lose everything and everyone. Nobody will support you and nobody cares. Your partners won’t put in as much effort as you do and you’ll resent them for it.

The pain is too much and the path is too lonely. How will you survive? how will you make it work? This process isn’t for the fainthearted its for the warrior that will never give up no matter how many times she/he is hacked down.

And even though you win, you become a slave to the process, you are bound by it and success becomes a burden. What do you do then? What can you do then?

Go and get a job mehn; you aren’t ready for this.

or are you?

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