Bernie or Bust Supporters Continue to Sabotage Clinton Just to Prove a Point
Sasha Stone

Independent investigators found the data breach was not the fault of the Sanders Campaign, but was due to a glitch in the system the DNC was using to separate the data that failed. HRC campaign had access to Sanders data as well, and yet it was the Sanders Campaign that pointed the failure out, not HRC’s and Sander’s got reamed for it (remember when his campaign was denied access to his own voter data just before the Iowa Caucuses? THAT WAS THE DNC FAVORING HRC)… No double standard there at all. No favoritism of any kind. BULL SHIT!

You clearly take issue with men, but it isn’t only men who support Sen. Sanders. I don’t believe that HRC is genuine in her political ‘promises’. I believe she will just flip republican all together once she is in office. Will I vote for her? No, I will vote for Sen. Sanders, because he is my candidate of choice, and the first presidential candidate that I have felt I could stand behind and support since I was first allowed to vote in 1988. If you try to tell me I have to vote for HRC or it’s my fault if Trump wins, I’m gonna have to disagree with you. If the DNC truly wanted to embrace and include all those who were running, and supporting the candidates running on the Democratic ticket, one of who is actually affiliated Independent, rigging the primaries was not the way to do it. The DNC fucked up. This mess is their creation. Blaming the essential victims of their fraud and favoritism (Yes, Bernie is the direct victim, but all of us who supported him are as well) is like telling a rape victim it’s her fault because she was wearing a mini skirt.

Sen. Sanders is doing what he has to do, because of agreements that he made with the DNC and HRC. Since he is an honorable man, he is going to hold up his end of the bargain. Only time, and a general election, will tell if HRC will hold up hers by implementing the ideals of Sen. Sanders into the Democratic platform. I don’t believe she will. She has not ever showed she has that kind of integrity, or honor. If you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk. HRC talks a lot of talk, but her walk is a little crooked.

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