To Vennity NFTs and Beyond

We agree, Paris! And we’re building out Vennity as fast as possible to enable just that.

Technical Approach

  1. It uses AWS Hardware Security Modules to secure crypto accounts in the cloud. Think of them as Ledger wallets in a data center where only you, the user, can access your private key. This allows us to abstract wallet key management from end-users while keeping ourselves (and Magic) out of the security equation.
  2. Magic plugs into a dozen+ blockchain ecosystems, which gives us the flexibility to expand into growing networks as the blockchain space matures. We are quite keen to expand within the Ethereum L2 ecosystem and beyond!

Private Beta

Private Beta limited edition NFT. Minted using Vennity!




Building community engagement with Interactive NFTs. Ethereum.

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Building community engagement with Interactive NFTs. Ethereum.

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