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Over the course of five weeks, 812 hackers from all over the world gathered to show their builder prowess in Venom’s virtual hackathon. In total, we received 481 project submissions, with teams building projects based on three tracks: i) Web3, NFTs and Gaming, (ii) DeFi and CBDCs, (iii) Tools and Infrastructure.

The Venom Hackathon reflects our strong commitment to the developer community as we onboard the next generation of promising projects in the Venom ecosystem. By organizing 1–1 mentorship sessions and informative Q&A sessions, we endeavored to support developers in their quest toward success. Apart from the $225,000 prize pool, we also provided winning teams the chance to tap into Venom’s extensive network and pitch their project to investors and partners.

Through it all, the buidl spirit burned brightly. The hard work of every participant and the level of creativity is impressive and admirable. We would like to thank all teams for their high level of enthusiasm, and our panel of judges for their insight. Above all, we would like to express our gratitude to our esteemed partners — DoraHacks, Developer DAO, and Hacken — without whom, this hackathon would not have been possible.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for — meet the winners of the Venom Hackathon!

Track 1: Web3, NFTs and Gaming

  • First place: Qupe Protocol expands Venom’s potential user base by enabling the development of diverse, feature-rich social media platforms on the blockchain.
  • Second place: Segmint brings a unique value to Venom by integrating NFTs into the advertising sphere, thereby enriching the ecosystem with a novel use-case, opening the pathway for a new form of advertising on the blockchain
  • Third place: Crazy Portals contributes to the variety of the Venom ecosystem, by introducing an instance of blockchain-based gaming

Honorary mentions:

Track 2: DeFi and CBDCs

  • First place: Unb@nk provides a thoughtful blend of traditional banking with blockchain technology. Its user-centric approach and attention to transaction efficiency contribute to a promising CBDC management system.
  • Second place: Deltex impresses with its advanced and efficient system, merging high-speed transactions and flexible multi-token pools. Its focus on scalability through blockchain sharding prepares it well for future demands of the DeFi space.
  • Third place: OrGear DAO Builder is a meaningful stride in the blockchain domain, making DAO creation on Venom a seamless affair. With its unique features tackling double voting and gas fee delegation, it could become a catalyst for broader community engagement.

Honorary mentions:

Track 3: Tools and Infrastructure

  • First place: BioVenomSDK presents a thoughtful solution to some of the challenges faced by browser wallet users. The emphasis on simplifying onboarding while addressing security concerns is noteworthy.
  • Second place: Light is a promising alternative to T-sol. The language’s robust documentation highlights the openness and diversity we cherish. We’re eager to embrace contributions from every corner of our community to facilitate development.
  • Third place: DataLayer is a promising project in analytics, providing valuable insights on multiple layers of blockchain operations. The API functionality, combined with real-time data analysis across numerous chains, makes it a versatile tool.

Honorary mentions:

Congratulations to all the winning teams! We will be in touch with you shortly via email for more instructions on your prize redemption.

We hope to continue growing our community of developers and building meaningful projects that drive the adoption of blockchain technology. The outlook is bullish — build away!

To find out more about Venom, check out the links below:

Website: https://venom.foundation/

Hackathon: https://hackathon.venom.network/

Testnet: https://venom.network/

Whitepaper: https://venom.foundation/Venom_Whitepaper.pdf

Documentation: https://docs.venom.foundation/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/venomfoundation



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