Introducing carbon-neutral crypto investments

Venox Digital Assets
2 min readSep 22, 2021

Venox has partnered with MOSS to introduce the world’s first managed carbon-neutral digital asset portfolios

At Venox we’re constantly working to find investment solutions that harness the asymmetrical returns offered by digital assets while addressing concerns related to sustainability, security, and trust. We’re proud to announce our partnership with MOSS, the largest environmental platform in the world that has revolutionised climate change combat efforts by tokenising carbon credits with the MCO2 token.

Venox has begun incorporating the MCO2 global Carbon Credit Token into our managed portfolio and vault products, completely offsetting the carbon produced by digital assets stored for our private clients.

1 MCO2 Token equals 1 carbon credit from a VCS certified environmental project including forestry, energy, biomass, and others. The MCO2 Token democratises carbon offsetting and massively increases funding for the conservation of the environment and for greenhouse gas emission reduction.

As a token on the Ethereum blockchain, MCO2 can also be secured using Venox’s market-leading offline, subterranean storage of digital assets in traditional high-security bullion vaults.

MCO2 and other carbon credits have been appreciating in value given the projections for higher global demand, leading to a significant demand-supply imbalance, as customers and investors increasingly require companies to offset their emissions.

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