Project Gideon was spectacular. Thank you for sacrificing your time and effort to feed us beyond measure. We have become so spiritually fat that our burps bless others. Dad, you just gave me something to fresh to digest and continue to ponder in Exodus 33. Its amazing how Moses was able to see God and live because His hand covered him. I bless God for the times that He covered me and allowed me to live until I could see Him working everything out for my good.

Moses would not have been able to write Genesis if he saw the front parts of God. I’m glad he got to see the hinder parts of God. The back parts represented the work He had already completed in Genesis, which set the creative foundation for Moses’ platform to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt. A lot of people want to see the prophetic future of God’s glory without first understanding the past. The irritations of our History are a sign that our Destiny will be amazing. This text shines light on what the “King of Glory“ created in Genesis(back parts) or History.

Thus, Moses could now fully appreciated God with a deeper revelation or encounter after Exodus 33. I believe that Psalm 3:3 became a revelant truth in his life after his close encounter with God. In short, if He could create the world, in the hinder parts, surely God will be a shield, bow and a(kavod) to anything opposing Moses, Job (29:20) or us.

Respectfully submitted as I hasten to keep studying the text.

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