Our original drafts and concepts. Phone on the right has the original layout. Phone on the left has redesigned concept. PC https://photosbyluca.com/

Validation and sharing your idea

If there is one essential task that you have to complete before you decide to make an app, it would have to be validation. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, William was really hesitant to share his idea with me due to the potential fear of somebody stealing it. Well unfortunately most app ideas, are not revolutionary ideas, but rather recycled. There are apps that are already out on the market that have the same concept as us. However, it doesn’t matter who does it first, rather who does it right. There are millions of apps out there on the market, and most of them become dead apps. Imagine putting your blood, sweat, tears, and money into a product that would end up failing. Sharing your idea and surveying potential customers will increase your chances of success. It is one thing for me and William to have a specific idea of how we envision our app being used, and it is another for a potential customer to a have a different opinion. Arguably, it was around the third week of June that both me and William were enrolled in our respective classes. We used our school and social media as the perfect outlet to get opinions on our app. So we created a survey known as “Connecting with Friends Survey” Using social media, and popular sites like Reddit, we posted our survey https://goo.gl/forms/iLQ2fRWzm02VMEBT2 and immediately got a lot of reviews. In addition, google forms allows you to print surveys. William and I gave the surveys out to our fellow classmates. Just like that we got a lot of data and realized there was a market potential for an app like Tandem. Consequently, now it was time for us transition and research our competition.

Our Original Design Vision PC https://photosbyluca.com/

Finally, our product idea was validated, it would be from here on out that Tandem was no longer a quip to me or William. In an earlier blog, I mentioned how William and I discussed stocks and were both enrolled in accounting together. In our accounting class, William and I learned the hard way how to properly invest in stocks. While we did make money, I would end up making bad decisions that would cost me all of my gains, while William watched me make them. With those losses still wrapped in my mind, William and I made sure to approach our research for Tandem like stocks. This meant that we both had to first of become experts in our apps sector. Just like stocks, each company is dominating or innovating its field. So William and I began looking at apps that were dominating some sort of aspect of either scheduling or event planning. Next, we began to create a list of all these apps and list the pros/cons of each app. Moreover, we took careful notes of their designs and compared them with our own. A lot of apps we noticed had similar concepts, but complete different layouts. Based on this phase in the research, we were beginning to incorporate our own style of brand awareness that differentiated from our competitors. Furthermore, we looked at user reviews for both iOS and Android which gave us another perspective on how we could offer a better user experience in tackling the challenges of scheduling and creating plans with friends. We also researched and looked at the developer’s websites and read up about their apps funding. After all of this researching, we began to get a brighter picture, but we were still lacking knowledge. Therefore, we decided it was time to get out there and network.

What is Tandem?


Tandem is not just a hybrid scheduling and event planning app for college students. It is an app that can help eradicate the white spots in peoples lives. In the fall semester of 2016 I would end up facing a battle I never imagined would happen to me. As a full-time college student, caretaker of my grandparents and Co-Founder of Tandem my time had to be allocated properly. For the first time in my college career I felt lonely and depressed. While my friends were out partying, hanging out or just seeing each other, I was in the library studying nonstop. This semester left me burnt out, even though it was by far my most productive semester. I do not want to see other students go through the same situation I went through. Unfortunately many students feel overwhelmed or to concentrated due to school. After completing the semester, I realized that Tandem is not just an app that can allow users to input there personal schedule and choose which friends can see it. Tandem is an app that can make people happy and balance the lives of the average college student. Nobody likes the feeling of being all alone, that is why our mission statement is to bring people together. Even if I am surrounded by my friends for a couple of minutes I would be much happier. In essence, Tandem is an app that can help fill in those white spots in students lives. Coming soon exclusively for iOS.