Why having a little sister is just great

One of the earliest memories I have of my little sister is when she was about 4 or 5 and I was about 6 or 7. She must have had a little fall out with our parents because she didn’t like how they were disciplining her and she had packed all of her socks, vests and pants from her little pants and socks basket into an overnight bag. She was on her way to my auntie’s house 14 miles away. She had had enough of this place. How was she getting to my auntie’s house? Well she was walking of course. How far did she get? To the bottom of our driveway.

She is a redhead and typically she has a fiery temper, can hold a grudge for months on end and could start a fight with her shadow, but I wouldn’t change her for the world. I love her completely.

There are two and a half years between us and at times I really feel like she’s the big sister. She can drink any man I know under the table, and with me being a light weight, there have been so many times she’s had to look after me on a night out. She’s also the person I confide in for basically everything and has this amazing ability to calm me down when I’m feeling anxious or worried about anything.

Having a little sister is great and here’s why.

You’re like a second mother

Periods, boys, fashion…. little sisters have a great agony aunt in their big sisters. Who better to ask? We have lived it all before them and they trust us. I will still get on my little sister’s ass for smoking though.

Sharing everything

Sharing a room means sisters share a lot of secrets, stories, laughter and ok… some arguments too. Once the little sister grows up, not only do you have your own wardrobe but you also get to rummage through hers too. Also you get to use all her cosmetics which means you can save some money because if she has it then you don’t need to buy it. What’s hers is yours and vice versa.

Inside jokes

One of the greatest things about having a little sis has got to be the amount of inside jokes you have together and how much fun it is to laugh about them. Ones that include your parents or other siblings are great because you are the only people who fully understand them. I love how we both knew how to work our parents together, just to wind them up, or to butter them up for something we wanted.

She knows you so well

Your lil sis has known you her entire life, she knows just what you love so buys great gifts on Christmas and your birthday etc. She knows that when you go out to eat you can’t have Indian food because Indian food doesn’t like you. She knows exactly how you feel about a person because she’s the one you confide in through good times and bad. She knows how you’ll react in certain situations which is why when there is news to break, she’ll be the best person to break it to you.

You’re never bored when you’re with her

You might have made up a dance to a song from your childhood together, know all the words to ‘Mean Girls’, or sing out loud to your anthem in the car. It’s instant fun when you’re together and there is little room for silence.

She always gives it to you straight

“Do NOT wear that, it makes you look 7 months pregnant” “I hate when you wear your hair like that” “You sound like a pig when you eat” and so on and so forth…

She’s always been there

You’ve known her since she was born. You’ve been with her since day one. It’s amazing to watch someone grow from your little shadow to your drinking buddy. To watch the path she has chosen to take, the mistakes she has made and the goals she has reached, you kinda already know what it’s like to have a daughter. She has and will always be your best friend.

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