Waves Ambassador program & Relaunch of the Waves Reward Token (WRT) — DAO Proposal

Since 2018, when the Waves Ambassador program was first launched, we have achieved amazing organizational results. Many thanks to all the Waves ambassadors who are actively participating in the life of the ecosystem!

Soon, we are relaunching the ambassador program to make it more organized and systematic, with a primary focus on developing regional communities and bringing in more project creators or builders onto the platform. Here is our proposal.

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First and foremost, let us introduce the new roles and definitions of ambassadors:

  • Jedi — tech ambassador of Waves
  • Consul — regional team leader of local ambassadors
  • Influencer — popular ambassador active on social media

Multiple ambassadors can have Jedi, Consul or Influencer roles at once.

Please fill in the ambassador form or join the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to become a Waves ambassador.

Below is the list of the Regional Teams with their respective leads:

Each lead can nominate a regional ambassador to add to the WRT whitelist. The monthly budget of WRTs will be strictly limited, so the leads have to pick their nominations carefully. The decision whom to add to the whitelist will be reached together by the majority consensus between Sashka, Aleksei, a team lead, and Emily.

In addition, we are planning to relaunch the Waves Reward Token with a new logic and functionality.

During the year 2019, Waves is becoming a platform for decentralized applications. A number of new projects related to DeFi, P2P Marketplaces, Gaming, and even Business dApps will arrive to the Waves ecosystem soon. To accelerate the growth of the creative community, we have integrated the Waves Reward Token into the DAO, a social network for building, supporting and monetizing web3 solutions on the Waves blockchain.

Active community members, donors, dApp creators will be able to use the WRTs to reward ambassadors who are helping them with education, consulting or promotion activities. Users will be able to support the regional ambassador team in the new DAO interface or by sending WRTs directly to the ambassador using any Waves Client application or DAO transfer feature.

The purpose of WRT is as follows:

WRT will bring more community members to the Waves platform by stimulating invitation and registration on the DAO.

WRT will bring more projects and dApps to the ecosystem by incentivizing the submission of proposals and products on the DAO.

WRT will mobilize and motivate the Waves Community to support and evaluate proposals for the Waves Labs grants and incubation.

WRT is a smart asset which can be sold on the DEX for WAVES or USD-Neutrino only by a whitelisted person — a Waves ambassador. However, under certain conditions, this token can also be airdropped to the community members (twice per month). Community member is free to hold WRT or transfer it to an ambassador or to a regional team via the DAO. We are proposing 1 WRT to be equal to 1 USD-Neutrino cent. All WRTs will be available for instant selling on DEX starting from 25 October 2019.

Below is the WRT reward table that explains WRT rewards for users who take an action and for those who referred them:

Notice: the aforementioned reward scheme can be expanded in the near future. We are planning to add more airdrop rules pertaining to dApp users and WCT users in the upcoming months.

Most active community members are encouraged to apply to the ambassador program to become whitelisted in the WRT and have more incentives to attract dApp developers and their supporters to the ecosystem.

The official launch of the new program is coming soon. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter with #wrt_waves_ambassadors, or on Telegram or Discord.

Let’s build the most powerful web3 ecosystem together with Waves Platform!

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