Blockchain Technology Sector Overview — Q3 2019 Update

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Nov 20 · 2 min read

In this post we examine the different components of the blockchain technology ecosystem. We will illustrate what the categories of innovation are and how they compare with one another.

Blockchain Innovations Is The Largest Blockchain Technology Category

Let’s start off by looking at the Sector Map. There are 1,155 blockchain technology startups across 12 categories through Q3 2019. They have cumulatively raised $17B. The Sector Map highlights the number of companies in each category. It also shows a random sampling of companies within the category.

We see that Blockchain Innovations is the largest category with 349 companies. These companies are working on distributed ledger technologies, such as smart self-enforcing contracts, cross-blockchain interoperability, and increased transaction speeds. Some example companies include Blockstream, Filecoin, and Blockstack.

Introducing the Blockchain Technology Category Funding Rank Chart

Now let’s look at the Category Funding Rank Chart. This graph illustrates how the relative category funding ranks have evolved over time. Please note that a category’s ranking in each year indicates its placement based on the funding made into that category in that year only, without including any cumulative funding from the previous years.

As you can see, while some categories have maintained stable funding ranks, others have shifted around considerably. This chart gives a sense of where the dollars are flowing within the blockchain technology ecosystem over the past few years.

Visit our report overview page to learn more about our full Blockchain Technology coverage.

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