The State of MarTech in Six Visuals

We cover many emerging markets in the startup ecosystem. Previously, we published posts that summarized Financial Technology, Internet of Things, and Bitcoin in six visuals. This week, we do the same with Marketing Technology (MarTech). At this time, we are tracking 908 MarTech companies across 13 categories, with a combined funding amount of $8.75billion. To see all of our MarTech related posts, check out our blog!

The six MarTech visuals below help make sense of this dynamic market:

  1. Market Overview: Breakdown of MarTech into categories.
  2. Number of Companies Per Category: Bar graph summarizing the number of companies in each MarTech category.
  3. Average Funding By Category: Bar graph summarizing average company funding per MarTech category.
  4. Venture Funding in MarTech: Graph comparing total venture funding in MarTech to the number of companies in each category.
  5. Global Breakdown of MarTech: Heat map indicating where MarTech companies exist.
  6. Median Age of MarTech Categories: Bar graph of each MarTech category by median age.

1. MarTech Market Overview

Marketing Automation Software: Marketing automation software and tools allow marketers to efficiently streamline and automate marketing tasks, such as converting leads into customers. Instead of performing certain repetitive marketing tasks by hand each time, marketing automation software enables certain routines to be completed automatically.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing companies allow businesses to deliver ads and market products across mobile devices. Typical mobile marketing formats include text/SMS ads, mobile app ads, email ads, branded content, and others.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing companies promote brands and products across popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. Brands rely on social media influencers to spread the word about their products to gain buzz and web traffic.

Content Marketing: Content marketing companies create valuable and relevant written and visual content to promote a product and convert readers into customers. Such content created may exist in the form of informative blog posts, infographics, research analyses, video tutorials, how-to guides, and others.

Email Marketing: Email marketing companies create products that allow marketers to deliver email newsletters to their userbase in a more efficient manner. Such products also allow for the segmenting and targeting of email lists, as well as the tracking of analytics of CTR and other important stats.

Website Analytics: Website analytics tools measure the traffic, engagement, behavioral patterns, and other important statistics for a website. Such data is used in the improvement and optimization of the website to increase traffic and conversion rate.

Social Intelligence: Social intelligence companies examine the social media interactions in order to better allow companies to identify power users and market their products.

Advertising Networks and Exchanges: Advertising networks and exchanges allow media buyers to purchase ad space from advertising companies. Typical advertising formats include search ads, display ads, and video pre-roll ads.

Search Engine: Search engine marketing companies help marketers with managing and scaling their paid-search programs.

Website Personalization Tools: Website personalization tools allow marketers to segment their visitors and deliver personalized messages to them in order to build closer relationships with their customers and improve their conversion rates.

Content Creation: Content creation companies help brands and businesses create custom content for branding and marketing purposes. Such content can include blog posts, photos, infographics, videos, and other visual or auditory material.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization companies help websites attain higher placements on search engines’ results page, which lead to more clickthroughs and traffic. Such is accomplished by adapting websites’ content, utilizing common search keywords, increasing the number of backlinks to the website, and others.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing companies focus on the fans and followers that have the greatest influence in the blogosphere and social media, and utilize their influence and network to execute marketing and promotion campaigns.

2. Number of Companies Per Category

The bar graph above summarizes the number of companies in each MarTech category to show which are dominating the current market. Currently, the “Social Media Marketing” category is leading the way with a total of 199 companies, followed by “Marketing Automation Software” with 142 companies.

3. Average Funding By Category

The bar graph above summarizes the average company funding per MarTech category. The “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) category leads the way with an average of $40.33M per funded company. The SEM category includes companies that help marketers with managing and scaling their paid-search programs.

4. Venture Investing in MarTech

The graph above compares total venture funding in MarTech to the number of companies in each category. “Marketing Automation Software” and “Website Analytics” seems to be the categories with the most traction.

5. Global Breakdown of MarTech

Our updated heat map indicates where MarTech startups exist across 43 countries. Currently, the United States is leading the way with 515 companies. The United Kingdom is in second with 58 companies, and Canada is in third with 39. The cities leading the pack are San Francisco with 80 companies, New York with 61, and London with 37.

6. Median Age of MarTech Categories

The bar graph above summarizes MarTech by median age of category. Currently, the “Search Engine Marketing” category has the oldest median age at 9 years. Search engine marketing companies help marketers with managing and scaling their paid-search programs.

As Marketing Technology continues to develop, so too will its moving parts. We hope this post provides some big picture clarity on this booming industry.

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