3 Steps to Grow Your Business in 2019

Venture For Canada
Nov 21, 2018 · 2 min read

With 2019 fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about starting the New Year off right! Growing businesses and nonprofits are constantly facing new challenges, but talent does not have to be one of them. Hiring the right people is essential to growing your business! Below are three steps you can take to step up your recruitment game.

1. Hire Smart.
Post-secondary students are a great way to keep your business creative, curious and connected. Students are eager to gain hands on work experience and are excited by the opportunity to wear many hats to get the job done. Internships often range in length, allowing you to maximize efficiency within your organization.

2. Partnerships Are Key.
Partnerships are a great way to access resources that may not otherwise be available to your business. Programs such as the Venture for Canada Atlantic Internship Program offer businesses a personalized connection to high quality, trained post-secondary students and wage subsidies of up to 70% of the student’s salary. As big firms increase their number of partnerships with universities and colleges to help find talent, programs like this allow smaller businesses and nonprofits to compete.

3. Create Advocates.
Good talent, attracts good talent. Encourage your employees to advocate on your behalf by highlighting their experience on social media. This not only gains wider exposure of your brand but is a great tool to recruit high quality talent.

Don’t miss your chance to grow your business in the New Year with the Venture for Canada Atlantic Internship Program! Use our online form to find out if your business, nonprofit or enterprise qualifies for our program and wage subsidies. What are you waiting for? The deadline to apply for a January Intern is November 26th.

Venture For Canada
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