To Venus community: 3 important things you must know

Venus community:

After the Shortfall crisis in May, the Swipe team has withdrawn from Venus. This project needed new partners to carry on work. With the assistance of BSC coordinators and Venus Community coordinators, we have formed a brand new working group to promote the project development, operation, and community affairs. Some key positions are also interviewing outstanding talents.

We believe: Venus’s most challenging time has passed, and the follow-up will get better and better.

Next, we will announce three essential things.

1.Venus Community Deputy

To improve the communication between the Venus Core team and Venus community, a Community Deputy team is setting up with below initial members:

a. Global Community Deputy :Danny (TG:@CrYpToLoGiC_010)

b. Asia Pacific Community Deputy:Wang DaYou (TG:@wangdayou6)

Their significant responsibilities include but not limited to:

If you also want to participate in the work of the Venus community, please contact the above two community deputies for more information.

2.Venus V3 draft roadmap released

With the gradual arrival of the Venus core team staff, we will speed up the processing of many remaining issues of the project and focus on mid-term planning for the next important work of Venus. As a result, the below content will be incorporated into Venus’ V3 roadmap for the second half of 2021. Unlike the past team, we will first publish a draft of the V3 roadmap in the community forum to get early feedback from the Venus community.

The first draft of the V3 roadmap will contain a series of urgent issues that the community is most concerned about, including:

It will also include issues that have a significant impact on Venus long-term development, such as:

The above is only part of the content. The first draft of the full version of the V3 roadmap is expected to be announced before June 24. We look forward to everyone’s attention and discussion.

3.AMA on Venus’s shortfall recovery program (VIP29)

We are concerned that after the VIP29 proposal was released, the community had different opinions on this, and there were also many misunderstandings about the existing proposal.

Therefore, we have decided to hold an AMA this week to explain the specific design of the existing plan and answer the most concerning questions. The AMA is expected to be held in the second half of this week. Please follow the notifications in the community for the specific location and time.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who continued to support Venus during the downturn.

The fire of Venus Nirvana comes from the hard work of every community partner in adversity.

Venus Team, June 21, 2021

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