Altcoins — Counterparty, Pepecash, Databits, Scarab, Footballcoin

I am interested in almost every single project that uses Counterparty. Rare Pepes, Scarab, Augmentors and some upcoming projects. Counterparty is currently holding a 10 million dollar marketcap while being used by projects that in some cases have a higher marketcap than Counterparty itself.

It uses the bitcoin blockchain for security, it has improvements ready to go whenever segwit gets pushed through, and it has active development. The token management is huge for games in particular. And it only has a 10 million dollar marketcap. That is insane. I’m convinced it will eventually be 100 million or more, 10 million is nothing for a system like this.

I have 10% of my bankroll in counterparty and 25% in Pepecash + a bunch of cards. In addition I have 10% invested in databits, the currency of the Augmentors game. I also have a tiny amount in Scarab, as my most speculative counterparty project gamble.


Pepecash is currently at a 3.5 million dollar marketcap. I think it will go to at least 10 million eventually. It has a game coming out for it, the cards are amazing, the concept of provably rare pepes itself is great. I’m not going to talk too much about it, because someone else has already made a great thread about it:

The Scarab Experiment

I feel like this one is really similar to Rare Pepes / Pepecash.

A digital artist controlled by anyone/everyone. This is sort of hard to guess the value of, but it sounds really cool so even if it does not work out I want to support it. Holding the Scarab token entitles you to a portion of the artists earnings. This is simultaneously really cool and a bit problematic. Some exchanges are wary of adding currencies with dividend-like features, so this could become an issue.

Holding the Scarab token also lets you vote on what artworks are accepted as official Scarab artworks. The official site has more information:

I have no idea what kind of value this will have. With the current token price it has a starting marketcap of around 700.000$. If it works well I think 10 million is possible. But I think it is possible that it goes nowhere too.


This is yet another project that uses Counterparty. It will have a currency, player cards and more. The sale seems to be opening 18.04, I am planning to put 2% of my bankroll into it. They do have the rights to use player names and the like, which shows that it is a serious project. Not quite sure what gains are possible for this one, but I am sure I do not want to miss it.

I also think these currencies all complement each other, especially Counterparty benefits from all the others. I think the returns will be very high, which is why I have around half of my bankroll in these projects.

If you are interested in any of them you should check the projects out yourself, I am not responsible for any money you might lose.

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