Altcoins — Huntercoin

This investment is a bit risky, because I think that right now it is probably a tiny bit overvalued, or at least correctly valued. It is the only “human mining” coin that works well, and it has worked for a long time.

There are quite a few things it lacks. It lacks a good tutorial for new players, the game could be more advanced, and at the moment there isn’t a lot of development as the founders are moving on to “Chimera” (there was a Huntercoin snapshot for it, and I may buy in to the ICO but I am not sure yet) which is supposed to be a general game platform. The launch for it is looking a bit messy though.

It should also be on more exchanges, as it is only on Poloniex currently.

However, if these things are fixed it has real potential. The name is no longer unknown because of the pump that accompanied the Chimera snapshot, and it is on Poloniex(the number one altcoin exchange) which does not seem likely to change. It is as far as I know the only coin that has a functioning human mining system. I believe it could create great innovation if it were to raise in value as botmakers would then compete to outperform each other, eventually it might contribute to AI fields and machine learning, it really has potential. At its current value of 800k$ it might be a bit overvalued.

I still have 2% of my bankroll in it, if it drops below 500k$ I will buy at least 2% more for sure. This is a very long term investment, and it might even drop to 300k$ at worst this year. I think there is a near zero chance of it being completely abandoned which is a big positive for a currency around this marketcap.

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