Altcoins, Kurrent

I will periodically do posts about my current altcoin “investments”, in case it is useful to someone. I take no responsibility for what you choose to do with your own money.

One of my longshot picks is “Kurrent”, a coin based around anonymity and random superblocks with a high reward.

Other coins have had superblocks before but have had to remove them due to miners being able to target the superblocks. In this coin there is no way to find them before they are mined(as far as I know). The marketcap is bouncing between 100.000–150.000$.

For some reason the amount of coins is incorrect on coinmarketcap, so the correct marketcap is around 150k$. has correct information. A bit less than half is premined, but eventually this will be a smaller part, and premines are standard these days. I bought in when it was between 50 and 100 satoshis, and it is currently at 500. Most zerocoins have high marketcaps. My target for the coin is around one million. It seems to have active development and improvements are planned in the future. I feel like one million is reasonable, and I am aiming for a 4x return within 2–3 months. Either way, I plan to hold it for maximum 2–3 months due to how early in its lifespan it is. After 2–3 months there will be nearly 50% more coins, which is a lot. For now I am not assuming it will be a “great”(or maybe even “good”)coin but my opinion might change depending on what improvements are added. I am not risking too much, around 2% of my total holdings. The coin has a low profile but might blow up a bit if it gets “discovered”. Obviously I am incentivized to shill for it, so be critical.

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