Altcoins — Prototanium

This is the longest of longshots and I am 90% sure the money I have in this one will never be worth it. Prototanium is the name of the testnet for Unobtanium.

The marketcap is tiny, there is no volume to speak of, and it is only on the Cryptopia exchange. In addition there has not been a block mined in 10 days or so, so no transactions are moving. The bitcointalk thread is pretty much dead, I am not sure if the wallet even works.

The only saving grace is that Unobtanium has a million dollar marketcap and is rising recently.

Prototanium is its testnet, so if Unobtanium gets bigger maybe it will get revived? That is what I am hoping for. I have put around 0.25% of my holdings in this coin, for some reason. It would be really cool if it did come back to life.

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