Five photos for bingo!

4th row of bingo


The picture for texture

The picture was taken for a rough texture of an old tree.Personally speaking, the picture can probably be used for geographical magzine.

Something old:The oldest building of UC Berkeley

This picture took in infront of the oldest building of UC Berkeley.To show its history,I adjusted some parameters of the photo.And I think it will be a nice picture to show the beautiful scenery of UC Berkeley.

Love story:a couple looking at each other with love

This picture was taken in front of MMC.They are a couple and enjoying their romantic time.The warm light is suitable for it.

Picture for Blur

This picture show the beautiful flower with a great shape and amazing color. The flower is fasinating and lovely.

Bear:great picture for wallpaper on mobile phone

The color and composition of this picture are suitable for wallpaper on mobile phone.The dark background and light green leaves does a great contrast.

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