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I don’t understand Trumps logic on this one… First, we all already knew Melania’s history. Second, the people opposed to Trump, “liberals”, are probably the most lax when it comes to nudity. Yes, liberals tend to be progressive when it comes to women’s rights, but from Trump’s statement it seems that these photos were not only consensual but also intended and taken for magazine publication — the photos were never private. Liberals may be apart of a largely puritanical culture but one of their greatest strengths is separating their religious views from their political choices. There are many better reasons, other than seeing his 3rd(?) wife naked, to decry Trump.

Honestly, as far as I can imagine, the only people who’d have a problem with NYPost’s “exposé” are “conservatives” — yes, the same ones that shamed Michelle Obama for wearing a sleeveless dress — and these conservatives already support Trump. However, Trump has nothing to worry about because these same conservatives are largely hypocritical and willing to turn a blind eye to any fault within their system. Which leads me to conclude that there is absolutely no one left on this Earth to care about these photos.

I can already predict what’s going to ensue from this “scandal”:

  1. We’re gonna have Trump’s starry eyed supporters leap to the defensive of a presupposed threat and begin chastising, for the most part non-existent, liberals for dragging Melania because of her nudes.
  2. Then, there will be liberals who leap to defend Melania from the same dragging and shaming that they’re supposedly perpetrating. After all, it’s not Melania’s fault her husband is running for president and because, well, gender equality. Free the nipple!
  3. Finally, we will have the small portion of extremists from both sides that will only serve to give credence to all the hype.

Whilst all this is going on, what will Trump be doing? Handling the circus he’s orchestrated with “tact” (just like he did when he refused the resignation of Melania’s “speech writer”):

During this hullaballoo, many will forget how, not even a month ago, Trump basically committed treason.

Think this is too far-fetched even for Trump? Let me remind you of the time he, in order to “humbly” brag about how successful he was, called a magazine and pretended to be publicist, “John Miller”.