Why “This had nothing to do with religion,” is complete and utter B.S.

It seems like the father’s of criminals are on a roll this month — yes, Dan Turner I’m throwing shade at you 👀. My urge to write this post was incited by a statement made by Omar S. Mateen’s father but there are several targets I’ll be taking shots at here today. Now, before I go further let me just provide some background information for anyone who’s not familiar with Omar.

Skip the bold text below if you don’t want this recap.

Omar is America’s latest terrorist who just committed the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States of America. This atrocity was committed with an assault rifle — a popular weapon for America’s mass shooting terrorists — at the popular Orlando gay bar, Pulse.

Omar had apparently declared allegiance to ISIS before the shooting, but even if he hadn’t he’d (wait for it)

still be a terrorist.

Call me overly progressive but I’m going to assert that any person of any race or religion who commits a mass shooting/killing, especially against unarmed innocent people, is a terrorist. A rose is a rose is a rose.

Moving on.

Omar’s father stated, “We weren’t aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock like the whole country.” Then he went on to say that the shooting, “had nothing to do with religion”. Ok, so he had no clue about the “action” — popular word among the father’s of criminals — or terrorist attack his son was going to commit; yet he knows that this same action, that he is clueless about, has no ties to religion.


Here’s where I’m at: If you feel you have the right to control someone else’s autonomy, then you are assuming the role of a supreme being. If you feel you have the right to take anyone’s life because they aren’t doing what you want, then you are assuming the role of a supreme being. If you are trying to force-create a world where everyone’s thoughts and opinions coincide with your own, then you are assuming the role of a supreme being.

How do we combat religious extremists like Omar? By identifying the actual “religion” they stand under. All extremists share the same religion — worship of self.

Unpopular opinion: This means that becoming anti-islam isn’t a solution, it’s a perpetuation of the problem. Bigotry cannot be eradicated with bigotry; hate cannot be eradicated with hate. What then, is my solution? I plan on showing love to those who are different from me and not taking myself to be a supreme judge of what’s right and wrong which requires an open mind. If everyone employed this tactic then extremism simply wouldn’t exist.

My thoughts, prayers, and condolences for the families and friends of the 50 dead and 53 injured.