Final Deliverables

High-fi prototype and video sketch

Video Sketch

We visited Phipps Conservatory to as a group to walk around and take photos for our video sketch. We followed the scenario we came up with last week and reenacted the story of “Chris and his girlfriend” with two of our group members being the couple. The script for the video voiceover is included below.

Audio Script

Background (~30 seconds)

Learning at conservatories isn’t fun. Too many people go to these places and try to learn by reading all the signs, but end up leaving overwhelmed or bored. On the other hand, some people enjoy themselves but don’t actually pay attention to the plants and ecosystems. We are introducing Verde, a fun and novel way of learning at conservatories.

Scenario (~1 min)

Chris is a college student and loves visiting Phipps Conservatory with his girlfriend to relieve stress and explore nature. This time, they see a sign at the ticket counter asking them to download a new app called Verde. After downloading the app, Chris sees the scavenger hunt option and decides to play along with his girlfriend. He gets an assigned target and starts walking around Phipps to find the plant. Along the way, they see an interesting looking plant and want to learn more about it, so they use the interactive learning feature on the app to get more facts about it. There is a sensor next to it so Chris is able to select that specific plant from a list of nearby plants.

Afterwards, Chris and his girlfriend go back to searching for their assigned target. However, they get lost and still have no clue of where the plant is. Chris takes out the phone and wants to get more hints. The additional hints provided are both helpful and educational, including the ecosystem the plant lives in, and the distinctive characteristics the plant has in appearance. Finally, they find the plant, and are excited to learn more about it, so they enter the Augmented Reality feature by pointing the camera towards the plant and the plant is shown in its natural habitat. They find it really cool and they even take a selfie with the AR plant. The app offers them an option to view and share their entire ‘journey’ — this includes the final AR selfie, the route they took, any hints they received and any interesting pins they dropped. They share this to all their friends on Facebook.

Jake, Chris’s friend, sees their post and looks through their entire journey. Intrigued by the idea of the mobile app and scavenger hunt, he decides to visit Phipps himself.

Conclusion (~10 seconds)

We hope Verde can encourage learning at conservatories by making the experience fun, interactive, and social.

High Fidelity Prototyping

We used Sketch to create the final wireframes for our mobile application. We incorporated feedback from our low fidelity wireframes and added pictures and additional screens for this phase of the project. Some of the high fidelity wireframes are featured in our video sketch as well but we plan on doing a walk-through of all of them at the end of our final presentation.

Log-in flow

Prototypes for the scavenger hunt journey

Prototypes for the interactive learning feature


Links to pictures we used in our high fidelity wireframes:,204,203,200_.jpg

Links to design resources:

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