Old school vs. New school: Lessons from two different generations

“If there is no passion in what you’re doing, then why do it at all?”
— E.H.

Having a conversation with someone older is eye opening. Like me the other day I just had a conversation of a lifetime, with a coworker as a matter of fact.

I say this because there are always things/lessons we ignore, Sometimes I even have this ‘I know it all’ syndrome.

This time around I set my foot on the ground: have an open ears and just stay as humble as I can. I know listening to her, with adventurous experiences and endless lessons, I knew this was gonna be exciting.

Her name is Ellie, and I think her story + her experience made it all special. With her life long story of immigrant family, dealing with divorce, and now a happy BIG family (I mean, reallyyy BIG).

Ofcourse there are some things I must share. I was surprised she was listening and acknowledging my wisdom too. Well, I think she already knew all those, but for me I was just reconfirming all I know.

These are my 3 daily dose of lesson:

Lesson 1. “It doesn't matter to me what pays more, I have to love what I do”

Ellie was telling me the other day that she was offered a different position in her job, but refused it. It was more more money and more relax, but then it’s something that she doesn't feel like doing. She wants to stay in the action, the excitement in what she do, “It doesn't matter to me what pays more, I have to love what I do”.

I think in most cases (Jobs)we just do things because of the benefit of the money, or some incentive the company gives. Then we forget what makes us… us.

Most need to understand the language of passion, excitement, and fun.

***I will have another post on this so stay tune, but it will be about playing your strong side and forget about what you can’t do. Oh well something like that.

Lesson 2. Ingenuity

I think I got this from one of Jim Rohn’s audio book, but I remember telling Ellie something about ‘a lot of money with no passion will not help you, but little money with a ton of passion: then I will help you’ I know its not the exact words but I hope you get it.

Lastly. Lesson 3. Enjoyment and fulfilment

Well Ellie is older than me by a lot of years but what I learned is more deeper than our conversation. It deepened my understanding to what really matters. Although she has been through a lot in her life I see something inside her, Joy. Now that her family has been growing: one got engaged, the other had more babies, etc. I was really happy to see that.

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This is my first to many future post. LETS CHEERS TOTHAT!

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