VeriSafe Partners with EtherShift!

Jan 30 · 2 min read

Introducing our latest partnership, with a new dynamic. Ethershift and VeriSafe have joined forces to provide benefits to quality projects using ERC20 tokens. Ethershift is offering priority discounted listings to VeriSafe recommended projects, as well as Exchange Coin Offerings (ECOs) for projects built with VeriSafe approval.

What this means is that new projects using VeriSafe to build and audit there ERC20 tokens, will be able to host their token sale right on Ethershift’s platform. VeriSafe’s token VSF will be used as a payment option for a percentage of each Coin Offering, netting the investor a bonus for purchasing with VSF.

Along with this added utility we have all been waiting for, another benefit for VSF holders will be that projects receiving VSF in funding will hold VSF, and initially be using other currencies gained in the offering to fund themselves for some time. This will lock up portions of the circulating supply, while simultaneously increasing utility and demand for VSF.

As more developments of this nature regarding exchange partnerships are secured, they will be announced.

Our first approved project to use this model will be announced soon, as planning for our first ECO has already begun.

Thank you to all of our supporters, partners, and friends. We appreciate all of you. And a big Thank You to the good people at EtherShift for this opportunity!

Check Out Ethershift here:

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