Ways in which BDC Automotive can Help in improve Sales Performance

BDC Automotive

The technological advancements that have occurred over the past few years have brought about a dramatic change in the functioning of companies. Auto dealerships have also seen the need for new tools to reach out to customers. BDC Automotive has been acknowledged as the most effective and efficient form of interacting with customers looking to buying a car.

The digital wave has also changed the buying process of a car. Where previously buyers visited a few dealers and then made the choice, now they spend a large portion of their time in the initial stages of the buying cycle researching their options using online sources. Having a vibrant and engaging online presence is therefore vital for the success of an auto dealer. As customers explores the options and gathers information online for evaluating different cars, dealers must have the tools to reach out to them at this stage so that these customers turn into strong leads.

Tools That Lift Success Rates Of BDC Automotive

Using the right technological tools, an auto dealer’s BDC Automotive can build a relationship with the interested customer right at the outset which enhances the customer’s opinion of the dealer and increases the probability of showroom visits. As the customer goes through the buying process, the tools empower the staff at the BDC Automotive to continuously deliver high quality service that increases sales conversion.

Real-time collaboration tools are the best way to do this. The suite of tools which include a co-browser, live video chat and file-sharing offers an easy yet intuitive way to engage with customers enabling sales staff to keeping the buyer interest high and removing any roadblock in the process promptly. Research has in fact shown that dealers’ website having live chat feature generate an additional 79 percent leads, showcasing the importance of such tools.

The virtual engagement platform therefore has tangible impact on sales performance as it improves customer satisfaction and speeds up the buying process. Here are six ways the platform can be used to improve the sales performance of the auto dealerships:

  1. Provide proactive live support: Company representatives can initiate discussions with customers using real-time engagement tools, offering them support if needed. Customers appreciate the presence of a real person to consult about their car buying needs and will be reassured by the support
  2. Co-browse through product portfolio: The co-browsing feature is a powerful way to guide the customer through the product portfolio — car options, car features and in-site inventory. Operating as personal guide, the sales staff at the BDC Automotive can help the customer understand their options and support the decision making process
  3. Video Chat for Visual Impact: With live video chat customers can easily communicate their needs and carry out complex discussions regarding financing and insurance. The face-to-face visual engagement facility provided by video conference reduces the need for in-store visits as customers are able to communicate live with the dealership.
  4. Deliver detailed information instantly: The car buying process involves a lot of documentation such as brochures, technical sheets, finance forms and more. Online document sharing with virtual engagement platform is a breeze since it can be done securely and immediately with no delays during a live discussion session
  5. Guide complex transactions: At multiple stages during the purchase of a car, the customer encounters complex forms perhaps related finance or other such requirements. The real-time collaboration tools offer a way to provide step-by-step support via co-browser including form-filling and highlighting or annotating for better understanding
  6. Engage non-intrusively with live chat: Many younger customers today prefer tools such as live chat service over traditional phone support since it is easier to use and is less intrusive. Sales personnel at the BDC Automotive can interact with a customer using live online chat for understanding their needs and delivering information without any delay making it a greatly convenient experience for customers

Therefore it is amply clear that BDC automotive must arrange the real time engagement platform for delivering enriched customer experience which will result in improving sales productivity. The platform is cost effective and hassle-free since it does not need the customer to do any special software download or installation. Integrated with the website, the customer just needs to click to initiate a discussion with a real person at the dealership.