Nevermind global warming, let’s tackle local warming first!

Having read the ‘Housing Energy Fact File’ yesterday, published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, I got to thinking…. Lots. How life has changed since we were kids (I’m 36 yrs young). I remember getting told off regularly for leaving lights on, leaving doors open and we NEVER left the television or video on standby! We always pulled the curtains as soon as it got dark and placed our sausage dog draught excluder by the door. So how on earth have we got into such lazy habits as leaving the phone chargers permanently plugged in!?

Life has changed. Moved on? Or has it? The energy report I read yesterday pointed out how our expectations about heating have changed. In the 70's most people heated their houses to 12degrees, expected ice on their windows and wore thick clothes indoors. Current government guidelines suggest we should heat living rooms to 21 degrees and other rooms to 18 degrees

Gone are the days of huddling around the fire in the living room and getting ready for bed downstairs before you dash upstairs with your hot water bottle! Gas central heating has become the norm in the last forty years and people expect their whole house to be warm. Research suggests that even the use of controls and thermostats doesn’t necessarily reduce energy consumption or carbon emissions. So whilst the move away from solid fuel has led to a reduction in emissions, the demand for warmer rooms has offset the energy savings from the improvements.

So my new year’s resolution is to take a trip down memory lane. All the curtains will be drawn, the lights out in empty rooms, only occupied rooms will be heated and I’m going to unplug my chargers!!!

So as the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’, so does tackling climate change and I think we all need to take a long look at the habits we’ve slipped into over the years.