A Journalist in the Making

Writing my first Original News Story took quite a few anxiety packed days.

Honestly, I had no idea where to start writing a news story when my teacher said “here, write a news story”. I felt as though I had been thrown onto a stage full of salsa dancers not having danced professionally once in my life. I haven’t the slightest clue how to formulate a strong question that will make my interviewee stop, think hard and give me a juicy answer. An attribute worth having when you are a journalist, or one in the making.

I was an anxiety filled mess every time my mind came across the thought of an Original news story. Several times I told myself to sit down and try to brainstorm ideas on a topic to write a good ONS. But every time I did, I felt scared at the mere thought. Thinking that my story, no matter what it was, wouldnt be good enough.

I had about a week until my first story was due, “plenty of time” I told myself. As I swept it under the rug focusing on My Visual Fundamentals project instead.

I have five days until its due, “I still have loads of time” I said to myself as I started writing a blog.

“3 days, no problem I’ll think of something.” I said as I made a vlog on youtube.

And before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving weekend and the deadline was 2 days away! I still had no idea what I was going to write. I blame the fact I was so scared that I didn’t think anything I could choose would be news worthy. But I only had two days left now and all those negative thoughts I had surrounded myself with, weren’t going to write the story for me.

I felt so upset and disappointed in myself for not being able to think of something to write about! And it’s much harder than it seems. It’s much harder because you want to try and find something that you understand and are passionate about. The more passionate about something, the easier it is to write and the easier it is to understand the writing.

Thanksgiving came and I went for an amazing Dinner at my boyfriends Grandparents house.

Side bar: It’s so nice to become part of someones family and have them care about you and welcome you warmly into their environment. I love that. I love Family.

Anyway, we sat down and had dinner and got to talking. That was when someone mentioned Brandy Melville, the one size fits all teens boutique. Things began to get a little heated with family opposing the idea of a store that only carries one size and others defending it. I sat there and I saw both sides. Then I asked myself why? Why does Brandy Melville do it? Why only one size? Especially when they are targeting a younger audience? Young girls who are developing and are already struggling with self image issues. Why would a store promote exclusivity to one size?

I don’t know, but as a teen myself, I wanted to know why. So, thats when something hit me and said “this is what your ONS will be about.” It’s something controversial and relevant. Many people have had issues with this before, so why not try to investigate it a little further? I am after all a journalist.

I called and asked questions,I emailed and asked questions, but I don’t think people understand just how hard it can be. It can be really tough to try and milk someone for answers when you don’t have any experience. But there I was, not getting answers because, I’m “just a student”. A student who’s never actually been exposed to this before, a student who isn’t with a big news corporation. People don’t give answers to those they think are irrelevant or have less power than they do. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, I’ve tried interviewing several people in high positions and they’ve disregarded me. Which, let me tell you is a terrible feeling because no one likes rejection. And although it’s rude, I completely understand them because if I were in their shoes I wouldn’t respond either.

Anyway, I wrote my story hoping that the information that I did get would somehow, maybe spark the curiosity in others to want to know more about it.

The night before it was due I laid on my bed wondering if this even was a story. I was perspiring heavily and I could feel my stomach knotting up as I told myself to not throw up from nerves.

I kept telling myself that if a goldfish choking on a pebble could make it onto the news…that I was surely going to do fine.

I was wrong.