VICO — Airdrop Token Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of FAQ’s for future token holders. If there are any questions that are not in this list, don’t hesitate to join our Telegram group and ask!

How many tokens will I receive?
The amount of tokens received by each individual will vary based on the amount of transactions and Ether in the wallet address you provide.

When is the deadline for claiming tokens?
We will close the doors to the airdrop after the entire distribution is complete. Our estimation to be fully distributed is on the 23rd of January. You will receive an email when the airdrop is complete and when you can check your wallet for VICO tokens.

Will I receive tokens if I just made a brand new wallet on MEW?
Yes, but you will receive a substantially smaller amount.

What is the total token supply?
We have minted 100,000,000 million coins for use on the VICO network.

What kind of value will the VICO token retain?
The VICO token will have a demand right off the bat. The Verified ICOs website is currently top 300,000 in the world (Alexa Rank) and growing on the daily. Many ICO’s contact us on the daily to have their projects reviewed, and for this reason alone, they will have to use the token in order to have their project listed on the Verified ICOs website for credibility. The general public will also acquire tokens to contribute to project reviews which they are interested in. As more ICO’s come to market, the more demand there will be for the token.

Will the token be listed on exchanges?
The token can be traded on any exchange that it becomes listed on. We are not actively pursing listing as the intention of the token is for utility purposes. If an exchange decides to list the VICO token, you may trade it for whatever market value it retains at your own risk. Verified ICOs accepts no liability nor does it endorse secondary market trading of VICO tokens.

I signed up more than once, will I get more token?
No, you will not. Duplicate accounts will be ignored.

Are there more uses for the VICO token?
The team plans on using the VICO token as a base for new projects on the VICO network. Currently the only use for VICO voting tokens is for casting a vote on upcoming ICO projects. However we have plans and will be releasing more uses for VICO tokens in the near future.

For more technical information, we encourage you to review our whitepaper available on our Verified ICOs GitHub.