How Biased Media Reporting and Inept Polling Could Topple Obama’s Legacy

In the weeks and months leading up to the November election, every single poll with traction in the mainstream media had Hillary Clinton as a lock to win. Clinton’s confidence was so high, in fact, that she decided to skip the fabled “Flyover States” in her final weeks of campaigning because she thought they would fall in line with DNC projections and turn blue on election day. What Clinton couldn’t possibly know, at least not until her campaign decided to cancel the fireworks show, was that nearly every single poll reported by the mainstream media was completely wrong. This, although devastating to the Democrats, had much more serious implications that would ultimately lead to some morally questionable acts committed by some powerful people within the Obama Administration.

Nate Silver wasn’t the only person to realize how wrong he was on election night. As the evening wore on, the look of nauseating defeat lingering on the faces of CNN’s Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer was seemingly apparent to all of the pro-Trump pundits that knew the faults within the polling. Very few people actually understood where the pros went wrong. One of the few pundits that got it right, a man by the name of Bill Mitchell, oozed confidence with each tweet he sent in the weeks leading up to election day.

Twitter: @mitchellvii — November 7, 2016

Mitchell could see what other national pundits either completely ignored or just didn’t realize: Trump was winning and the media (along with the polling) was completely wrong. President Trump would later call this phenomenon the “undercover Trump voters”. Guess what? He was right.

As of April 3, 2017, we can look back to what transpired in 2016 and know why certain things happened the way they did. For example, we know (thanks to Wikileaks) that the DNC wanted Donald Trump to win the Republican Primaries. The DNC, and by proxy Hillary Clinton, thought Donald Trump would be the easiest candidate to beat in the general election due to his lack of political experience and his blunt, politically incorrect manner of public speaking. We also know (thanks to Wikileaks) that the DNC and members of the media conspired to do some very unethical things in the Democratic primaries. The DNC shared their plans to defeat Bernie Sanders via email. Donna Brazile sent Town Hall event questions from CNN to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Obviously, none of these actions would have been shared via email had the involved parties known they would later be exposed. They thought they would get away with it and they would get “their candidate” elected. After that, the country would move on and no one would be the wiser. This is where things get very, very interesting.

The unethical behavior that led to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy didn’t stop with the DNC. It didn’t stop with the Clinton campaign and it definitely didn’t stop with the faulty polling or the biased mainstream media. No, this went straight to the top. The White House, like Hillary Clinton, the DNC, et al… also thought Clinton had the election in the bag. They figured Clinton couldn’t possibly lose. This false confidence soared within the echo chamber liberal media with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many others pushing the “Hillary’s going to win” narrative all over the place. Hell, even Vegas got it wrong.

We now know, as of two days ago, that top Obama Administration officials not only accessed electronic surveillance of Donald Trump, at least one person requested that the names within the surveillance be unmasked. Let’s be clear on this: The unmasking of U.S. Citizens whose conversations were collected by FISA or Non-FISA ordered electronic surveillance is highly unorthodox and, in this case, unprecedented.

Never in our history has a presidential candidate had his/her conversations collected by government intelligence and later unmasked for dissemination within the intelligence community and/or declassified and shared with the media for political purposes. As of 2016, it did happen. Our intelligence communities not only conducted electronic surveillance of conversations within the Trump campaign, they documented them and saved them. The Obama Administration later unmasked them. Thanks to Barack Obama himself and an outgoing executive order, the Administration later shared these unmasked conversations with other intelligence agencies who, in turn, shared them with members of congress and members of the media. Keep in mind that these documents of surveilled and unmasked conversations are highly classified.

Now, knowing all of this, do you think the Obama Administration would have swept up all of these conversations and unmasked them the way they did if they believed Donald Trump was going to win the presidency? All of this leads to this point: The Obama Administration used the United States’ Intelligence conglomerate to conduct surveillance on a political opponent with the distinct intent to maintain an advantage over the GOP and win the election. In doing so, they unmasked U.S. citizens’ conversations swept up in “foreign Surveillance” — Also known as “Reverse Targeting” — in an effort to try and discredit the incoming administration. According to NSA Director Mike Rogers, there are only 20 people authorized to unmask U.S. citizens captured by electronic surveillance authorized on “foreign entities”. The National Security Advisor (a White House position appointed by the President) is one such position. Another is the Attorney General.

The National Security Advisor to President Obama when this occurred was Susan Rice. The Attorney General was Loretta Lynch. We know now that Susan Rice was the person who requested the unmasking of officials within the Trump campaign who were captured by electronic surveillance. This information was later shared with the media, despite Federal Law prohibiting such conduct.

Personally, I believe that the only reason this was done so methodically was because the Obama Administration truly believed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. Once Clinton took office, Obama could make his graceful exit and nobody would ever know the egregious violations of law his administration carried out that would probably make Nixon blush were he alive today.

As this story continues to develop, we will all be watching closely with baited breath, waiting for the next domino to fall. In the meantime, I sincerely want to thank Nate Silver, Jake Tapper, the biased mainstream media, and everyone who got it wrong. If not for them, none of us would know about this right now.

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