How the U.S. Government and the City of Tucson Are Funding Violent Riots

Berkeley Riots on February 1, 2017 (Screen Grab — ABC News)

The world was watching on Wednesday when a “protest” broke out in response to the scheduled appearance of a conservative journalist at the University of California Berkeley. Milo Yiannopoulos, a British journalist who is ever-controversial for his outspoken conservative views and condemnation of social justice warriors, cause heads and the like, was to visit the Berkeley campus to give a speech; something to which the liberal student body took exception. As the evening wore on and the start of the event approached, protestors gathered on the Berkeley campus to demonstrate their opposition with their typical drive-through-menu style of hashtag-appropriate chants, signs and disorganized organization. This night would turn out to be anything but typical, however.

As the protest gathered more momentum, the crowd demographic began to evolve. Instead of a large group of Leftist students wearing their collared shirts or Berkeley hoodies, the crowd began an ominous shift to small factions of shadowy, black-clad “Guerilla” protesters. These groups quickly took over the front lines of the demonstration and could be seen taking aggressive stances. With some wearing masks and others covering their faces below the eyes with clothing or bandanas, this crowd began to swarm anyone who appeared be a Milo supporter or a conservative in general. As the swarms moved more quickly, they also turned violent and a “peaceful protest” had then become a riot.

Videos surfaced of conservatives and Trump supporters being beaten viciously with flag poles and clubs. One Trump supporter, a female student, was seen being pepper-sprayed by one of the rioters. Another female bystander, who happened to be caucasian, was seen standing inside the riot lines at a police barricade, calling out for help. Her pleas for help fell on deaf ears as no assistance was lended by bystanders and, surprisingly — the police who were on scene nearby. The video showed this female bystander being attacked by a group of males shortly thereafter. They began to strike her on her back and her head with what appeared to be wooden flagpoles. She attempted to run away from the attackers, but they used another police barricade fence to corner her again and relentlessly pummeled her with their makeshift clubs.

There were numerous stories of violence that night. Rioters shot incendiaries at the building where Milo was supposed to speak and set fires to trailers and landscaping, including several trees. It was obvious that the “Love Trumps Hate” movement has attempted to use a catchy phrase to draw attention to nothing more than a violent uprising — of hate. If the descriptions of violence and rioting wasn’t sickening in and of itself (it is), there is a much more sinister, underlying narrative at play within all of the organized protests around the country. It involves government at many levels and the facts should suprise and anger you.

The protests and subsequent riots at Berkeley on February 2, 2017 were organized and funded by Refuse Fascism, a leftist non-profit organization dedicated to SJW movements and resisting President Trump. Notable members of Refuse Fascism include author and activist Herb Boyd and self-proclaimed “radical democratic socialist” Cornel West. Yep, you guessed it — that Cornel West. The same Cornel West that, after 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11, stated that Americans now understand what it feels like to be “black in America.” Another notable member is Carl Dix. Although that name probably doesn’t sound familiar to you, “Crazy Carl” (as a I like to call him) is one of the demonstrators that was booted out of the Jeff Sessions Senate hearing when he started screaming and yelling nonsense about the KKK. So you may be asking yourself at this point, because I know I was, where does Refuse Fascism get it's funding? Many of their smaller donations are from private citizens who support their movement. There are other donations that are not so small. They come from larger non-profits that have big donations and even bigger budgets. One of these is the Alliance for Global Justice.

The Alliance for Global Justice is a non-profit that is also dedicated to various SJW movements and, oddly, assistance for Nicaragua, Venezuela and Colombia. I haven’t looked too deep into the Central & South American links yet, but that is an odd angle in my opinion. The Alliance for Global Justice receives many, many donations and grants from all kinds of foundations, funds and corporations, according to their financial disclosure forms from 2015. Of these donations, AFGJ received $40,000 from Patagonia clothing company, $25,000 from Craigslist, $52,000 from the New World Foundation, $100,000 from the Brightwater Fund… the list goes on and on. They took in over $2 million in donations in 2015 alone. There are 3 foundations/organizations contributing to AFGJ that I just couldn’t believe, however. The first one was the City of Tucson, Arizona.

The City of Tucson donated $10,000 to AFGJ in 2015. Donated. Keep in mind that, in any municipality, there is just as much red tape involved in budgetary allocation as there is in the federal government. Usually, any allocation above $1,000 has to be signed off by a department head and anything at $10,000 or above would have to be approved by the City Administrator and/or City Council. This means that the City of Tucson’s generous allocation of taxpayer-funded $10,000 was thrown at the Alliance for Global Justice without any direct input from the residents of Tucson. That’s $10,000 that could have helped a local community program, a law enforcement initiative, equipment for the Fire Department, a scholarship for local schools, etc… In my opinion, a municipality has no business donating taxpayer money to any political activist program, especially when the program is funded by groups such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the Tides Foundation.

The National Endowment for Democracy is listed as a supporter (financial and endorsement) for the AFGJ movement. The NED was founded in the 1980’s as a global initiative for “spreading democracy.” As of 2009, the NED had an operating budget of $135 million, almost all of which came from the United States government. That’s right — Uncle Sam is helping to finance the AFGJ, which is helping to finance the Refuse Fascism riots. So, between the City of Tucson, Arizona and the United States Government, taxpayer money is being paid to violent rioters to beat the shit out innocent bystanders at “protests” organized to oppose free speech by a conservative journalist. If that wasn’t already bad enough, the Tides Foundation is also contributing to AFGJ in the form of a $50,000 donation in 2015. For those unfamiliar with the Tides Foundation, it is organized and financed by none other than George Soros, the Clinton-supporting globalist currency speculator investor who makes billions by undermining the stability of countries and destabilizing their currency. He is also a significant supporter of Black Lives Matter,, the Clinton Foundation, and many other Leftist movements that have contributed to the “Occupy” movements and various protests worldwide. If that wasn’t bad enough, his son Alexander Soros is Berkeley-educated and lives in…you guessed it…North Berkeley.

Hopefully, we can get some judicial relief from all of this mess soon. Otherwise, Trump will have his hands full trying to drain the swamp of federal funding programs that are actually financing violent riots. Part of me wants to believe that the government wouldn’t knowingly commit themselves to this type of association, but then I remember that our 44th President was an expert in community organizing. Now that the same 44th President has a foundation with offices in California, it is becoming more and more apparent that he, along with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the liberal Left, are going to try their hardest to destroy the stability of this country rather than allow another administration to help her prosper. I guess this is what happens when real hope begins to provide real change. It scares the hell out of the tolerant left.

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