Hey Daniel- this is a problem we’ve come across frequently in our work with AgTech startups.

Hi AgThentic — There are some possible paths, but this is definitely a difficult challenge that ag startups face, and one that is not easy to solve. Especially for startups that are analytically-driven with data from the field to drive recommendations/prescriptions. One startup that I’ve spoken to worked with multinational partners to get that ex-US reach. Their partners were already bought into the startup’s value proposition as a result of work they had done together in the US, but realizing that they needed ex-US data, the partners slowly introduced them to new customers. Another startup “established” a local office in Brazil and hired a well-connected sales/biz dev manager who was able to get them into very small field trials so that they could acquire data. Ultimately, for a US-based ag startup, it’s finding ways to acquire data in different markets at a low cost while you continue build out your US business.


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