VZV Podcast — Episode #1: Chatbots and AI (Part 1)

By Christie Pitts

Hosted by Christie Pitts of the Verizon Ventures Development Team, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our first podcast series.

In this series, we bring together Verizon industry experts, investors and startups to discuss today’s most innovative technologies and their industry predictions. Over the course of several episodes, listeners will be treated to unique perspectives from our guests on the state of various industries, new and exciting developments, as well as insights on trends we can expect to see in the long term. We’ll cover off on topics like AI and chatbots, enterprise IoT, video and content, and consumer IoT and the Smart Home.

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Episode #1: Chatbots and AI (Part 1)

In our first episode, we discuss current and future developments in AI technology, and our four guests are industry veterans:

  • Momin Mirza is the Senior Manager of Strategy and Partnerships at Verizon, where he focuses on innovations in commerce, AI, and conversational user interfaces.
  • Esther Crawford is the CEO and co-founder of Olabot, a company working to make it simple for everyone to have their own bot.
  • Raj Ramaswamy is the CEO and co-founder of ShopInSync, a company that uses deep contextual bots to provide a comprehensive shopping experience across top retailers.
  • Mounir Shita is the founder and CEO of Kimera Systems. His company’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system named Nigel™ will change the way apps are conceived and digital services are delivered.

Tune into our first episode on chatbots and AI to learn more about the fascinating technologies our guests are developing, as well as their predictions for the future of AI.

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