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SCOTUS Backs the Baker, Sam B Drops the C-Word, Starbucks Gets a Star, and What’s up with Roseanne Barr?

Over the past week, we’ve seen one news story after another on the subject of intolerance, from Starbucks’ day of racial awareness teach-in, to ABC’s quick decision to pull the plug on Roseanne, to yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision in Masterpiece Cake Shop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. And on top of all that, there was Samantha Bee’s use of the C-word to describe Ivanka Trump!

Is your head spinning yet? Headline-making stories make emotions run high, and we often avoid having conversations with anyone who has a different opinion. …

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Vernā Myers’ nephew, Eric Bigger with her son Trés

Men & Therapy: The Perfect Couple

People who know me well know that I’ve got a rule when it comes to who I will and won’t date: I won’t date a guy who hasn’t been to therapy.

OK, I’m joking — mostly. Let’s just say I’m a little suspicious of men who haven’t done some kind of emotional work with a professional counselor or therapist. When guys I’ve dated have sheepishly admitted that they’d gone to therapy, they would be surprised by my positive reaction. I just really feel like everyone can benefit from it. I know I have over the years. It’s so refreshing to have a disinterested, paid person listen to you and help you make sense of your life by listening and asking you hard questions you haven’t asked of yourself. …

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Photo caption: Vernā Myers & her Bishop Walter Thomas


I have a royal wedding hangover because I jumped right in with nothing but well wishes for Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle, now titled, her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. We were taken into their fairytale, then the Duke and Duchess, lead by Bishop Michael Curry, took Queen Elizabeth and hundreds of millions of people across the world, many for the first time, somewhere I’ve been going and growing my whole life: Black Church. Hold onto your fascinators — here are 5 Things I’ve Learned in Black Church:

1. PASSION: Black church is passionate; it’s high emotion & drama and LOUD. The preacher is the main actor in the great oratory tradition of Black Southern Baptist church. It doesn’t matter if the preacher starts off poised, thoughtful or serious, with a scripture, a story, a joke or a quote because by the time he finishes, the call and response (Amen! Preach the word! Yes, Lord! Hallelujah!) will be in full effect- and you will be whipped up into a frenzy! The whole point is to hear the WORD in a way that gets you out of your head and into the Spirit where revelation emerges and self-determination grows. …

Verna Myers

Inclusion strategist, cultural innovator, influencer, thought leader, social commentator & author.

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