Sam Cameron

Thanks for sharing these tips, Sam. You remind recruiters:

“Since this is a layman’s guide I couldn’t put every single recruitment tip I know in but these few should get you well on your way.”

I’d toss this companion white paper into the mix to help recruiters round out their knowledgebase . . .

Recently, Incapsula released a salary survey (with some additional insights) from 400+ DevOps they surveyed. Notably, they admitted:

“In daily dealings with these professionals, we noticed that “DevOps” means different things to different people — and that major variations exist in job titles and functions across organizations”

The same shades of meanings probably exist for recruiters, too, so having a heads-up as to how DevOps view themselves (and what they’re being paid in those positions) will strengthen recruiters’ positions.

DevOps Salary Survey 2015: Facts About DevOps Careers and Salaries (free white paper)