Reinventing yourself

I came a long way since, well since I took a lottery ticket and left a very comfortable place. Home. And built another home and then another.

But how do you succeed when leaving behind and building these new homes? Where do you begin? Especially in a time when the world doesn’t seem like a very nice place. You know, natural disasters taking place almost every week, wars going on, politicians too eager for power failing their nations, far wright extremists winning the heart of Europe to name a few.

To be honest, I don’t know. I guess you just do and sometimes you stop and wonder “Where am I going?”. Or, like I did today, “Should I finally start writing about it all? Would I have anything interesting to say?”. That remains to be seen. You’ll be the judge of that.

I still have a lot to learn. About writing and about this world. That might help with the reinventing story, as without it we are just sheep. And that’s an exciting news!

Until next time…