Thought’s From The Pulse Shooting

I honestly cannot fathom the amount of hatred that it takes to do what humans are capable of doing to others sometimes. My thoughts are with the victims and survivors of the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando last night.

If you’re around Florida PLEASE DONATE BLOOD. There are at least 50 people currently in the hospital after last night and many of them are FIGHTING for their lives and need blood. Many in the LGBTQI community are legally unable to donate blood because of outdated hateful laws against gay men from the AIDS epidemic and as a result our community needs those who are able to help save lives.

If you honestly think that the victims deserve this because of the sexual-orientation or gender identity I honestly don’t even know why we’re friends. In case you didn’t already know, I AM GAY, my closest friends are GAY AND/TRANS*. This hits me just as close to home as the Aurora Shooting did.

If you’re still arguing that we in the LGBTQI community don’t need anti-discrimination laws when this is simply a larger scale event of what happens to us on a DAILY basis EVERYWHERE in this country and AROUND THE WORLD you really need to better educate yourself.

If you still think that your right to bare arms with little to no background check is more important than us implementing comprehensive gun reform then I honestly want to hear what your other options are. I am so tired of the redundant “but are right to bare arms!” argument. No one wants to take your guns away. We want gun reform to make it harder for those who are inclined to commit these horrendous crimes to do such things. There’s a great video of Obama explaining this. We need to ask why we have laws in place making it ILLEGAL for the CDC to even STUDY gun control and why the NRA has more rights than the victims of the irresponsible way we (don’t) handle gun control.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE, please DO NOT use the media’s (i.e. I saw a Fox post already jumping on this) current speculation about the shooter being linked to ISIL as a jumping off point for more speculation, racism, and stereotyping of Middle Eastern and Muslim people. This is not a time to build more hatred, and no matter what the background of the shooter you CANNOT use that as a justification to be hateful towards MILLIONS of innocent people. Generalized statements based on a individual’s or small group’s actions towards a much larger group of people is unacceptable. It only builds more hatred and strain. Let’s snuff that out before it even gets started this time.

FOR MY COMMUNITY, this month is supposed to be a time of celebration. Of remembering the hardships that we went through historically to get to the point that we are. Last night’s actions (along with all the other attacks that happen daily to those in our community still) should only be a reminder of how much we still have to do. We cannot separate as a community. We must be together. You cannot decide because cisgender queers have more rights than trans* individuals that your work is done if you are simply cisgender and queer. Marriage was not the last step in the puzzle. Please help us to continue to fight for the rights and inclusion of everyone in our community. It will ultimately SAVE LIVES.

Lastly (but not leastly), if you’re in the Orlando area please let me know you’re okay. If you’re there and are safe and are able please donate blood.