Announcement: VersaGames’ new community structure and reward mechanisms!

5 min readApr 7, 2022

Community building. This is one of the most interesting and exiting things we do. Whether its societies, clubs, and now, platforms, guilds, and DAOs — there are countless examples of bringing people together around a common goal and strengthening their bonds. As people, we love to have a sense of belonging and strive for community.

Community Building on Web 3 (source:

VersaGames is committed to pioneering web3 community building. We believe our users are our stakeholders, and are determined to share the rewards of creating an awesome platform. Thankfully web3 offers some compelling tools to explore mechanisms for doing this. So far, we have actively pursued three paths to reward our community for their engagement:

  • Contests: We regularly host contests designed to create content for our platform and build community engagement. Apart from being fun, the contests generously reward winners. Great examples are our Trivia King Contest, Content King Contest, Pitch Contest, and many more! We are increasingly exploring community voting for contest judging. By allowing active members to vote, and to also enter prize raffles for their voting, VersaGames rewards not only participants but also our member base.
  • NFT Giveaways: An exciting reward mechanism, and holds a lot of future promise. Recent giveaways in our Discord included minting NFTs for contest winners, and rewarding NFT holders with DFK Crystal airdrops. This approach allowed the community to determine the contest winners’ prize pool via an auction we held for the NFTs, with proceeds going to the creators of the artwork. It also allowed the NFT holders to have a transferable token of future rewards from our platform. Given it’s recent success, we are seriously ramping up NFTs as a rewards mechanism for community builders.
  • Direct Airdrops: The third major avenue is to directly incentivize active members with a stake in VersaGames. After all, what is a platform without an engaged base. For instance, members holding the Versa Top Gun status (see community structure below), we are airdropping 2mio xVVS to their wallets! This is the entry ticket to participate in the VersaGames IDO on April 12 on VVS.

New community structure and reward mechanism

But we don’t stop here! We will be expanding our Discord community structure and reward mechanisms so that you — the people who help building the platform — will have more opportunity to benefit from the rewards of creating an awesome platform!

Community roles:

  • Community Member: verified members of our Discord community
  • Versa Top Gun: Level 2 Engagement (MEE6 ranking)
  • 6 additional roles are available for members inviting at least 1 friend to our Discord community (see table 1 below)

Versa Points — roles

With these new community roles being introduced we are also launching a new concept: Versa Points.

Versa Points can be collected by having achieved one or multiple of the above community roles. A higher number of Versa Points collected means more exclusive giveaways, contests, and airdrops! There are four reward levels in total — each requiring a certain level of Versa Points:

  • Mythic: 9 Versa Points
  • Legendary: 6 Versa Points
  • Epic: 3 Versa Points
  • Common: 1 Versa Point

Each week we will be hosting new exclusive giveaways, contests, and aidrops in our Discord — meaning you will have opportunity every week to win beautiful prizes and have fun! Please take a look at the below table showing the various roles and the amount of Versa Points associated with each!

Table 1. VersaGames Community Structure — roles (June 2022)


  • The sum of your roles + content items created determines the reward level (Mythic, Legendary, Epic, Common) — example 1
  • If you advance to a higher invite-related role — you will only be rewarded the incremental Versa Points between the 2 roles — example 2
  • Community voting can only be done when you have achieved Versa Top Gun status. Only members with this status are eligible for community voting rewards.

How does this work — example 1?

For example, if you join our VersaGames Community Discord and are verified by our verification bot you will receive your first Versa Point.

Next, you invite 5 friends who all join our server too. You will get the role of Versa Star, rewarding you with another 3 Versa Points. If you become active in our server too and achieve Level 5 engagement level (MEE6 ranking) you will get the role of Versa Top Gun. This will reward you with another 6 Versa Points.

In total you will now have:

  • Community Member: 1 Versa Point
  • Versa Star: 3 Versa Points
  • Versa Top Gun: 6 Versa Points

You have now 1+3+6 = 10 Versa Points. This means you now qualify for Mythic giveaways, contests, and airdrops. As mentioned above —Mythic Reward Level starts at 9 Versa Points.

How does this work — example 2?

If you have invited 5 friends who all join our server too you will get the role of Versa Star. This role is rewarded with 3 Versa Points. If you invite even more friends to the server and have now 10 friends who joined, you will become Versa Master. This role is rewarded with 4 Versa Points.

Instead of adding 4 Versa Points to your total number, you will receive just 1 additional Versa Point (4–3=1). As you can see from the table, the highest invite-related role is Versa Ninja, which is rewarded with 7 Versa Points. Therefore, you cannot achieve more than 7 Versa Points in total from invite-related roles.

Versa Points — content

While your engagement to help grow the VersaGames community is being rewarded more generously — content creators can benefit too.

Creating exciting, and high-quality NFT gaming content is at the heart of VersaGames. People who create awesome content can score additional Versa Points, each time they create an item! There are various types of content that can be created and are rewarded:

  • Host a livestream about your favorite game(s)
  • Write an NFT gaming news article
  • Write a game review
  • Create a video game review

The below table shows the amount of Versa Points rewarded per item.

Table 2. VersaGames Community Structure — content (June 2022)

As the table indicates each item is rewarded with 1 Versa Points if they meet our general content guidelines. However, keep your eye on the prize and reach for the stars. All content items published on our Storefront will be rewarded with an additional 3 Versa Points!


  • All content items created as part of a contest (e.g. Content King Contest or Pitch contest) are not rewarded with Versa Points. These contests will have their own prize pool and by writing the article you immediately qualify for this prize pool.

All guidelines for content creation can be found in our Discord Community. After sharing your content item in the designated channels the VersaGames content team will review your submissions carefully.

The future

As VersaGames grows we’ll be looking at more opportunities to expand this structure. Our goal is to be THE best and most fun NFT Gaming community and a strong, engaged base of true stakeholders is key to achieving this dream.

Join our Discord now to claim your first Versa Point!




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