“HOW TO BECOME A BEST SELLER” — Story Mirror Creativity Workshop III

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The agenda of my talk was to get the aspiring author to understand what goes on behind making a best seller and how a budding writer can work on the ideas to get to the top. The agenda of my workshop was…

READER: You suffer reading the book ‘The Days of Abandonment’ by Elena Ferrante
“Women without love lose the light in their eyes, women without love die while they are still alive. “ — Elena Ferrante in her book ‘The Days of Abandonment’

Now that I guess will give you a little idea what kind of suffering the book painted as our Sans Serif Book club members plunged into reading after equally powerful reading of ‘“The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand last month. Over a period of time, our Book Club has matured into a serious group of passionate and discerning readers. That was quite evident, when we discussed with great passion, ‘The Days of Abandonment’ by Elena Ferrante on 27th Oct, at probably the most aesthetic environment of Apparao Galleries. Every one had a perspective to share. …

The Purpose — Language has the power to change you…!

As I started speaking in public forums, after my first book Songs of the Mist’s publication, I realise how hard it is to speak from the podium. I never had a problem talking to my team members across office table and in annual meetings, where the gathering used to be large as well, but you were quite sure that you will be received well as after all they are colleagues. But believe me, talking to people who have just come to listen to you, leaving their far more important work at home or office. …

Writing Fiction — Story Mirror Creativity Workshop II
Sharing my thoughts on “Writing Fiction” from the Second Story Mirror Creativity Workshop, which was organized in association with Story Mirror, Apparao Galleries and Aspiring Authors Group. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the famous Film Director / Producer as well as a fine Tamil Haiku writer N Lingusamy and popular romantic fiction Author Meera Shiva.

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Author Meera Shiva, Me and Director Lingusamy
at the Story Mirror Creativity Workshop II

Why people write?

As the tight grip of Publishers, distributors and established & influential Author’s nexus loosened up on the Publishing Industry in the Kindle Age, the floodgates opened up for new authors and new writing styles. Every day, there are millions of books getting published through online platforms. But why this rush? No one is actually making money apart from a very miniscule number of online authors. …

READER: The English Teacher by R K Narayan
Some times some books chose you rather than you choosing them to read. In the three years that I have been reading some lovely books through our ‘Sans Serif book club’ initiative, this book connected with me at deeper level. The tentative steps taken by R K Narayan — one of the Indian pioneers of writing in English, is endearing and courageous.

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Click here to buy…

This book also connected well with all of us in the book club as some of the members have had the privilege to interact with R K Narayan personally while he was alive and gave us beautiful account of their interaction with the author himself. …

Chennai Colors: N Lingusamy — Haiku Writer, Director and Producer of Tamil Movies (Chennai Colors is a section of my blog in which I share the colors and hues of creativity from the thought leaders of the city who make our Chennai, a beautiful place to live in.)

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Digital Art by Lingusamy

Pebbles reflect

The cutting edge power

Of the stream

- A Haiku by Lingusamy

When the famous Tamil Movies director, producer and scriptwriter N Lingusamy called me to meet, I was sure that it would be a short curtsy visit to discuss our mutual passion of writing Haiku. But as the day went by, I realised that its going to take some time. He has a disarming charm that makes the words flow and time moved on swiftly. Our interaction went on like his words above, which some times floods the banks with its powerful surge and some times shape large boulders into beautiful sculptures. …

10 Tips on Writing Haiku — Story Mirror Creativity Workshop
I have had recently shared my “Ten Tips on Writing Haiku” in Story Mirror Creativity Workshop which was organized in association with Story Mirror, Apparao Galleries and Aspiring Authors Group along with the famous Author, Timeri N Murari, who shared his insights on Writing for Plays. As many of aspiring authors and writers present in the workshop asked me to share my thoughts and tips on Haiku, I am writing this one post so that it is convenient for all to read and share.

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Poster : Story Mirror, Haiku by…

Chennai Colors: Renie RavinThe man behind India’s most vibrant and top most blogger’s community IndiBlogger

As after many months, I get on again to write about amazing personalities of Chennai that make up the vibrant colors of the city. Today I am introducing a man, whose mantra is ‘We blog, therefore We are’ — a tagline that still greets you whenever you reach one of the most popular and powerful community of Indian Bloggers.

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Renie Ravin is the most popular change agent in the Indian blogging sphere and founder of IndiBlogger — A powerful platform that created history of sorts, when they invited the world class social media marketers, Authors and Rock star. It is not every day that you get to see the reclusive Bruce Dickinson who still carries Ancient run down Nokia phone, held together by cello tape. …

On Vedic Culture Hindu Phobia is not the right way to look at it….

As one of my favorite Czech Author, Milan Kundera once said that every act of creativity, writing or novel should have a purpose. I had decided to write my story in year 1987, when I first visited Rishikesh, finished writing all three parts of “The Monk Key” in 2010 Nov. But still had no reason to get it published other than my ego, i.e. to get to be known as an author, which was actually not on my priority list. But last year, one day I asked my son, if he had read Bhagwat Gita and he said, “No — what’s the point of reading it?” This gave me a purpose, i.e. to make our Vedic / Upanishadic / Poranic scriptures come out of obscure depths of dogmatic beliefs and rituals to become main stream and interesting for young generation. …



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