In the last 5 years or so we have seen a seismic shift in the relationship between customers and retailers, putting consumers firmly in the driving seat. This shift in power has been brought about by a combination of social, economical and technological changes that have required businesses to think differently about how they attract and retain customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

But in the appliance and white goods industry, where historically retailers have very much owned the customer relationship, the landscape is evolving even further. An increasingly saturated and competitive global market is bringing rise to new innovations, driven not only by the need to differentiate, but, more importantly than ever before, the need for appliance manufacturers to be closer to their customers, delivering enhanced, connected experiences that can unlock customer loyalty. …



London-based AI specialists unlocking unique data insights from the home. High-definition fault-finding tech for whitegoods + p2p energytrading to cut carbon

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