Globalisation is killing the EU. Bring it on
Roland Smith

So if the UK economy is diverging, the EU isn’t holding us back, and nor are we integrating inorexably, as you seem to believe is imposed on us. IF our trade with the Emerging world is growing faster than that of the EU, the EU isn’t obviously holding us back. We joined as the sick man of Europe, we emerge now the most powerful and vibrant economy. It’s not obvious the EU has done us harm. So why leave? What is there to gain? I agree the EU is a middleman, but it’s also a club, a powerful one, and one which has benefits. Why give those up? Why weaken a club vital to our allies even if it means little to us, who if we leave will be tempted to follow the French vision of the “counterweight to the USA” just when we need Western unity? This all strikes me as a desperate search for a reason, any reason, to vote out, because the EU is a bit horrid. We are not harmed by membership, leaving has risks. Brexiteers seem obsessed by the idea leaving is risk free, and that membership has no benefits. When I see some admission of these, then I might buy the analysis. How has the EU done us harm, and what concrete benefits can you point to that outweigh the risks.

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