How Will the Cryptocurrency Market Change in 2018?

People want to know where the future of cryptocurrency is going, and they want answers now. Less than a year ago, a large percentage of investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies hadn’t even heard of their existence long before. It might seem like a sure way to make lots of profit, but unfortunately, a large part of the market doesn’t really understand the full scale of cryptocurrency technology. It was recently announced that the Magnus Collective was releasing enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities, and thus opening up another paradigm in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This could cause a lot of swift changes to occur in 2018.

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There Are a Limited Number of Bitcoins Available

Whether the value of Bitcoin doubles over the next week or falls to an all-time low, there’s something special and urgent about investing in cryptocurrency in the year 2018. First, it is suspected that a lot more people are going to be involved because there is such a short projected return on investment time period. In other words, it is not unlikely that a person who purchases cryptocurrency in May, for instance, could see respectable profits by August. While cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin seem to be inexhaustible resources, their value is also seemingly directly tied to the Bitcoin boom.

More Investors Involved

The whole reason that Bitcoin became a huge deal all over the world is because the media started to talk about it. Before that, you had computer experts quietly mining away and small-time investors slowly increasing their cache of Bitcoin, but it seemed like it would be another decade before things like AI based coin mining would become integrated with the cryptocurrency. In 2018, there are going to be more cryptocurrency investors, and thus, there will be more competition. Some people will want every technology available so that they can mine for coins while others will want every assurance that their investments are securely stored offline.

Security Is Going to Become More Crucial

As the number of bitcoins go down and the more investors that jump into the cryptocurrency market in general, there is going to be an even better need for computer and web-based security. Simply put, those who don’t want to spend the money are going to be tempted to gain various shares of cryptocurrencies through unscrupulous deems rather than straight investing. There have already been a numerous amount of security breaches resulting in the loss of millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies might need to have similar concerns.

There will be more ATM machines available in 2018 where cryptocurrencies investors can cash in, and there might even start being kiosks where they can make trades. By the end of 2018, it is also possible that the very last Bitcoin may be mined, making its value go sky high. All in all, companies like Magnus Collective are going to make cryptocurrency more readily available and easier to source. Be prepared to take on all these changes and more in the cryptocurrency world in 2018.

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