Announcing Vest Exchange: A DEX backed by Jane Street, QCP Capital, and Big Brain Holdings.

Vest Exchange
2 min readJan 29, 2023

We are excited to unveil Vest Exchange, a decentralized perpetual futures exchange on Arbitrum that enables users to propose and trade almost any asset. Vest has closed a seed fundraise from Jane Street, QCP Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Ascendex, Builder Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Robert Chen (Ottersec), Pear VC, Cogitent, Moonshot Research, Fugazi Labs, and many more angels and investors.

While perpetual futures are the most popular crypto primitive, existing exchanges have yet to address the following:

  1. High barriers for market listing. Current exchanges are reluctant to list long-tail markets because their mechanisms cannot adapt to extreme market conditions. As a result, the same markets get listed repeatedly in DEXs with no new exposure to long-tail assets.
  2. Lack of risk management. In 2022 alone, DeFi saw millions of dollars lost and multiple protocols shut down due to market manipulation and oracle attacks.
  3. Unclear risk/returns for liquidity providers (LPs). LPs are exposed to many types of risk including insolvency and adverse selection. Exchanges attempt to compensate by imposing high trading fees.

Vest solves these three pain points through a cutting-edge risk-engine shaped by academic literature and modern market making techniques. We combine coherent risk measures with the microstructure of perpetual future markets to unlock new illiquid markets faster than any other centralized or decentralized exchange.

We hope that Vest will elevate the standard of perpetual futures trading by democratizing access to unique trading opportunities in all markets. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing Discord and Testnet shortly.

Next steps: Make sure to follow us on Twitter where we’ll be opening up our whitelist process soon.

More details on Website, Twitter, and Medium.

About Vest Labs

Vest Labs (@VestLabs) is on a mission to shape the future of decentralized finance through rigorous quantitative research. We strive to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, constantly seeking out new opportunities for innovation and growth. We hope that by using our research to challenge the boundaries of what is possible, we make a lasting impact in driving forward the innovation and development of expression in decentralized finance. To participate in the research discussion in creating Vest Exchange, visit here.



Vest Exchange

A non-custodial protocol on Arbitrum that empowers users to trade perpetual futures on almost any asset.