More than a startup…

We live in a new era, a moment where great changes generate great impacts in our society. Climatechange is no longer a taboo, it is a reality. For us as entrepreneurs our mission is to deliver new solutions that impact and improve the quality of life of people.

We are here to break with cliches and generate new forms of mobility that help reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of transport of institutions, companies and final users.

Our vision is simple:

“Making EMV (Electric mobility vehicles) a reality for all”.

Our execution is not only through technology and innovation, it is through the empowerment of theindustry, where today we have bounced back an industry that had been dead for over 20 years, suchas bicycle manfucture. And our goal does not end there.

We are working hard to innovate a larger industry: automotive industry. We dream of a world where the big car companies sell what they know how to do responding to the needs of a new generation of users. Those who care about the enviroment. Those who choose to go green. That’s why in Vetelia we are betting on the future.

Today we are a bicycle, tomorrow a CAR.

Emilio Sosa.


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