I’m scared to go outside now

I live in Georgia, USA. In my state, we have laws trying to be made to allow guns to legally be allowed on public with a concealed permit, one other gun laws. There’s very little restrictions on these laws. Honestly, I’m nervous to be out in public now because of these laws.

There’s a lot of ways to try to clean up our mass shootings in this country. However, our media and screwed up politicians want to try to make essentially a freak show out of all of the incidents that make it to television and point fingers. We go through the same damn song and dance every time. The president says something along the lines of “Our prayers go to the victims’ family” and some big name celebrities (and/or politicians) say “Prayers to th victims”, and then the NRA donates a big sum of money to them.

This cycle of violent has to stop. No America, we are not trying to take away your legally owned fireworks. Don’t give me the “second amendment” bullshit, especially if you haven’t read it yourself. If you want to take a strict constitutional interpretation view of it, the National Guard should be the only individuals with legal fire arms, due to how the amendment is worded.

Now, step one to fixing the issue would require a look at preventative health care, especially when it comes to mental health. Now, insurance or no insurance tests that test for mental health troubles can easily cost 500+ Us dollars. The average citizen more than likely can’t afford this. Follow up appointments with mental health care professionals every 2–4 weeks can also get expensive. If the patient requires medication, this can also take a toll on their wallet.

Next, let’s look at accessibility to firearms. It’s relatively easy to get a gun in the states. Gun shows in most places, DO NOT require a legal background check. Internet purchases can also allow you to get a gun. Ammo isn’t that expensive either.

The statistics for a domestic fight (verbal and/or physical) turning into a domestic homicide is honestly terrifying when there’s a gun in the household (rates for suicide or attempt suicide also jump up).

Giving everyone and their mother a gun won’t help solve things either. Let me give you a hint of what normally happens in an emergency situation. Human beings will naturally (due to instincts): freeze up, run for their life, or try to fight back. Here’s the reality: most people freeze like a deer in headlights, and/or hide (or run). I’ve been through EMS training, I’ve seen it happen to the best of individuals.

Unless you are trained to the point of muscle memory, you are very likely going to hit a civilian and/or just cause collateral damage. It’s the reality of the situation. You can talk big and brave all you want behind the anonymous computer screen, and the safety of your home, but the reality is, you DO NOT KNOW how you, yourself will react to having someone shooting a gun at everything that moves.

Video games and movie ratings don’t help things either. Please note that I am NOT blaming games, or the movies themselves. Rather, I’m blaming the companies in charge of slapping a content warning label on it. European entertainment is very strict about violence when it comes to movies, but not very strict when it comes to love, sensuality, sex, etc. America is polar opposite. There could be many underlying causes for this, but I think that this is a huge factor.

I know that Australia has jacked up the prices of ammunition of guns on the black market. I think this might help America. The average criminal wouldn’t be able to afford very pricey ammo, and thus wouldn’t be able to use a gun to commit the crime. Large gangs likely wouldn’t be interested in robbing an old lady, or going to a random college campus and opening fire on students.

The point is with this post, is that I’m damned worried about the state our country is in. People are dying every day due to gun violence, and the folks in charge aren’t doing any real action to try to prevent this. If the NRA didn’t contribute to the salaries of some government individuals, I think we might actually begin to see change.

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