LGBT+ is Dated

The rainbow flag has represented the LGBT+ community 1978, getting the finalized version in 1979

Alright, before the hellraisers scream in the comments, allow me a moment to describe my position. Also, I would like to prefix with this that I am NOT straight, nor am I cisgender. I am also an aspiring sexologist, which means someone who scientifically studies human sexuality.

The LGBT+ string is great for those who are brand new to discovering their own sexuality. It is great for people who are brand new to studying human sexuality. However, it is not all encompassing of human sexuality, like many people tend to treat it. It’s primary focus is sexual attraction. It does not get involved with fetish, sex toys, sex workers, BDSM, kink, and other things that encompass human sexuality (such as polyamorous vs monoamorous individuals).

The LGBT+ is trying to force people into very simplistic boxes, that people in the real world just do not exist in.

The LGBT+ string has a philosophical flaw to it. It goes solely off of sexual attraction (minus the gender identity aspect of it). Outside of the asexual spectrum community (as least in recent times), we have not really looked at romantic attraction, sensual attraction, aesthetic attraction, and all other forms of human sexuality.

We also have people who love gatekeeping. This is when a person will say “YOU DO NOT BELONG”, when in fact, they might belong. People who love to say “you don’t belong in the LGBT+ community” because they’re asexual, or say “you don’t belong in the LGBT+ community” because they are aromantic.

Human beings are incredibly diverse creatures, in mind and body. LGBT+, while great for those new to exploring human sexuality, is only one small slice of the all encompassing human sexuality cake. Every shorthand that has come up over the years (MOGAI, KAAHS, GLOW, etc.) has its inherent perks and flaws, but I, personally, would like to move away from LGBT+. I would like to move to something that acknowledges the different levels of prejudice that occurs to different people, solely because of one aspect of their sexuality.

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