What crisis pregnancy centers do not know

Many of these places are super “pro adoption”, but I use this phrase extremely lightly. Here’s is the blunt truth of the matter: adoption is often expensive, and SUPER expensive if you’re going across borders.

There’s also all the potential health risks involved with an adoptee. Attachment disorders are extremely common (and not every potential parent can handle them, which is OK!). You also have the mental health care issues, which not everyone can afford for their children (a mental health exam can cost anywhere from 500–1200+ us dollars on average), and then potential medication to help keep the symptoms under control.

You also have the fact that orphanages are already over flowing with children with not enough staff. The foster system is practically falling apart as it is. If you’re a child that’s not Caucasian, your chances of getting adopted go close to zero. If you’re a child past the age if 3–6, your chances of getting adopted get close to zero.

Before uttering the phrase “just adopt”, please consider all of these factors
A person who was adopted put from a Russian orphanage at age 8–9 months old who is now 22 and still has the psychological scars of the orphanage experience.